Nexira – naltive™ Locust Bean Gum – Organic

Brand: Nexira

Create the perfect sensory experience with our locust bean gum naltive LBG S3 Organic

  • High viscosity
  • White to cream color
  • 100% natural texturizers for clean label products
  • Manufactured in Switzerland

Our Swiss-based factory is a world-leading expert in the production of Locust Bean Gum (LBG), which is used for its thickening and stabilizing properties. We manufacture a range of high-quality LBG for a large array of applications.

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    Nexira – naltive™ Locust Bean Gum – Organic


    Sourced from carefully selected carob trees (Ceratonia siliqua L.) grown in the Mediterranean area, locust bean gum is a natural texturizer. Once picked, the carob pods are separated from the seeds, which are then transformed to locust bean gum, using purely physical and natural processes.

    Nexira offers a complete range of naltive locust bean gum to meet your needs:
    •  Premium grades: Extra high grades with advanced functionalities
    •  Standard grades: Several grades with different levels of viscosity
    The large range of naltive locust bean gum provides specific technical benefits for
    enhanced sensory experience.

    •  Prevents the growth of crystals in ice cream and improves the resistance to heat-shock
    •  Brings unique creaminess, mouthfeel and roundness in liquid products
    •  Extends the shelf-life of bakery products
    •  Provides thickness and stabilizes any kind of sauce and gravy

    • High efficiency in a large array of traditional applications and plant-based products

    • BEVERAGES: Suspension of insolubles, mouthfeel
    • DAIRY: Brings a creamy and smooth texture to dairy products and enhances the smoothness of ice cream and allows a uniform and pleasant meltdown
    • PLANT-BASED ALTERNATIVES: Offers roundness, improves palatability in plant-based beverages and improves texture in meat alternatives

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    Application Area

    Bakery – Bread, Beverage – Non alcoholic (incl. water ice), Blends & Ingredients B2B, Dairy – Ice Cream & Desserts, Dairy – Liquid, Dairy – Margarine, butter and spreads, Dairy – Cheese, Fruit & Vegetables (incl. processed), Plant-based Meat and Dairy Alternatives, Ready Meals and Meal Components, Savoury baked goods, Side Dishes, Soups & Sauces and Seasonings, Spreads (non dairy), Sweet baked goods

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    Shelf Life

    24 Months

    Storage Conditions

    Cool and Dry

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