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Do you worry that you don’t know enough about presenting your products, or the potential sales markets and applications for you? Food Dynamics has all the tools in-house to help you. It’s a challenging, constantly changing market; the trends come and go, competition is fierce, and legislation is being tightened. So, how do you translate this into products?

Merel is working hard in the innovation lab to translate market changes. Her goals are practical and successful products.

Food Dynamics specialises in identifying and implementing technological solutions for the food industry.

Merel Rijnen welcomes startups and SMEs to her innovation lab and offers technical support. She guides you through innovation, product development, application research, and process improvement. Together, come up with sustainable and tangible solutions that will contribute to the future growth of your company.

Merel Rijnen

Founder & Director

Product development

Do you have a question about a project or need a fresh look?

Food Dynamics supports food manufacturers with their product development. Merel works with a lot of passion, is solution-oriented on technological issues, and loves creating new concepts for product improvement. Thanks to her structured approach and technical knowledge, R&D objectives are achieved quickly and efficiently.

Dynamic Academy

Are you looking for knowledge, inspiration, or a sparring partner?

Food Dynamics helps you to grow within the food profession. Merel’s initiative, Dynamic Academy, is the innovation lab to gain new knowledge and inspiration. Practical courses answer your questions and translate ideas into successful products. Discuss all of your possibilities and ideas with Merel.

Dynamic Heroes

How can you prevent residues?

With Dynamic Heroes, Food Dynamics contributes to sustainable development. For you as a manufacturer, Food Dynamics works on practical product solutions to boost product value.

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Food Dynamics sees it as her social mission to prevent food waste together.

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Contact Merel for a free consultation of 20 minutes

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Food Dynamics provides sustainable and tangible product solutions that contribute to the turnover and future of your company. Food Dynamics is professional, technological, structured and creative in product development for the food industry. Food Dynamics helps you as a food professional to become even better in your profession. Dynamic Academy is an initiative of Merel and pre-eminently the innovation lab where you gain new knowledge and inspiration. You will learn techniques in the form of practical sessions and training courses. As a no-waste hero, Merel offers practical solutions for product loss. With Dynamic Heroes she ensures that your product loss gains added value!

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Successful innovation


Merel Rijnen is the proud owner of Food Dynamics. She studied food technology at the HAS and started her career in 2003. After several years of working as an R&D manager in the confectionery industry, she started her venture in 2012.

Merel developed the first products of Food Dynamics in her attic! But that soon turned out to be too small, and Food Dynamics moved to the business park in Dongen.

Food Dynamics has an innovation lab for product development, application testing, and educational courses.

Merel is dynamic, professional, creative, goal-oriented, and systematic. She works with great dedication and enthusiasm for the food industry.