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International Project Service Food Industry


— Founder & Director —

IPSfi provides interim specialist solutions for food multinationals and locals. With over 35 years experience in the food industry, IPSfi is the right partner to work with if you need tailormade, quick, and flexible assistance.

Interim solutions for the food industry:

  • Project Management
  • Product Development
  • Production Efficiency Improvement
  • Investment Solutions
  • Product Introductions
  • International Network Management
  • Technical Staff Training

About Paul

I have been with baked goods since I was a young boy, baking cookies, and soft cake in my mother’s oven. A traditional baker’s education at “Vakschool Wageningen” and “Teacher Baked Goods” study Wageningen followed by many years of industrial experience, it feels comfortable and good in the field. I have spent about 17 years in product development in the Baked Goods Industry, for example at Continental Bakeries and worked in different locations and countries.

Another great experience I enjoyed was working for IFF, 14 years in the world of flavours and seasonings for the snack industry. I learned in practice how to develop, to apply seasonings and to solve problems at site. I crossed Europe to meet market leaders and discussed technical projects in the snacks industry. Companies that I was working with are: Danone, Procter& Gamble, Intersnack, Lorenz, OLW, Estrella, Grefusa and many others.

Over 10 years ago I started working as a consultant for the food industry. In that period I have worked for, and with companies like: Cargill, Royal Smilde, Pally Biscuits, Banketgroep, van der Meulen, Euroma, FNLI, VBZ. I have helped these companies with specific product development baked goods, -fats and oils, snack seasonings and different kinds of process developments. As well I have been an advisor for the “banket industry organisation” advising how to bring back sugar and fat level in baked goods.

Service of International Project Service Food Industry


Connect with Paul

As an independent consultant, I deliver tailormade quick service when and where needed. To be able to create prototypes I have installed my own application test bakery. It enables me as well to test new recipes and raw materials and prepare material for sensory tests. That means no internal queues but immediate service. I am assisting production scale-up as well.
Let me know if you need any technical help in development or troubleshooting concerning baked goods, snack seasonings, or other food.

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International Project Service Food Industry