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Stay updated with our 1-2-Taste Whitepapers, where we’ll keep you informed about the latest trends in the Food Ingredients Industry. Discover valuable insights on various topics such as R&D concept development, selecting successful prototypes, Go-to-Market decisions, optimizing contracts and supply chain management. Gain knowledge from industry experts as we engage with them and share their expertise. Make sure to check our whitepapers frequently to stay ahead of the curve!

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White paper 1 2 Taste sustainability

5 Tips for sustainable food ingredient development

In recent years, the food industry has seen a shift towards sustainability as a backbone for the creation of new ingredients. This trend has been driven by the need to reduce the carbon footprint, create a circular economy and to ensure sustainable development. In this whitepaper, we will explore the importance of sustainability in food ingredient development and the role played by different companies in shaping this trend.

White paper 1 2 Taste Dairy

The cream of the crop: Trends in dairy innovations

The “Cream of the Crop: Trends in Dairy Innovations” whitepaper offers valuable insights into the latest developments and innovations in the dairy industry. It provides a comprehensive overview of the latest trends and innovations in the dairy industry, making it a valuable resource for those working in dairy R&D, procurement, supply chain and SME who are looking to stay ahead of the curve.

White paper 1 2 Taste alcoholic Beverage

5 Tips for a successful alcoholic beverage introduction!

This whitepaper provides insights into the trends in the alcoholic beverage market and the key factors that contribute to the success of a winning prototype. It features interviews with five experts in the field who share their experiences and expertise.

White paper 1 2 Taste Beverage

5 Tips to develop a successful new beverage and brewery product!

Introducing our whitepaper that explores the latest trends and techniques in the beverage & brewery industry. Learn from five experts in the field and discover how to create innovative and successful products that meet the demands of today’s consumers.