Pricing, Shipping & Delivery 1-2-Taste EUROPE

Thank you for shopping with 1-2-Taste. Find below more info on how 1-2-Taste displays pricing, shipping charges, and VAT.

Product Pricing online
  • All prices with products online show excluding VAT and shipping cost.
  • 1-2-Taste applies tiered pricing for many products: buy more and get a lower price per pack.
  • On the checkout screen you, you will see the total cost of the order including shipping charges and VAT you will be charged upon order placement.
Shipping charges
  • Because we ship directly to you from our suppliers, shipping charges will be calculated based on:
    • your delivery location
    • the location of the supplier
    • the weight of the goods
    • if the product is a dangerous good, for example because it contains alcohol
    • for example: the charges for shipping a 30 Gr. small pack from a supplier in The Netherlands to a delivery address in The Netherlands are less than EUR 10. And shipping 50 Kg. of liquid products from a supplier in France to a delivery address in the United Kingdom is approximately EUR 100.
  • Final shipping charges are calculated and shown in the checkout step when ordering.
Estimated Delivery Date
  • On product pages you will find an estimated shipping date.
  • Supplier lead-time together with shipping time allow calculation of the estimated delivery date.
  • If you have an urgent need for your materials, please contact us to let us know your request.
Contact data
  • By phone: +31 85 0027748
  • By email:
  • By visiting this page on our website: and using our online chat.