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What are sweeteners?

In a broader sense, sweeteners are substances that are used to create sweetness with or without an energy supply. A sweetener is defined as a food additive that is used or intended to be used to sweeten foods or as a tabletop sweetener. Table sweeteners are products made from or containing any permitted sweetener and intended for sale to the end consumer, often used as a sugar substitute.

Types of natural sweeteners

Natural sweeteners include: honey, dates, sugar, coconut sugar, and maple syrup, molasses and agave nectar. Natural sweeteners including honey, agave nectar, maple syrup, and other forms of sugar are often considered as more natural or unprocessed than table sugar. These natural sweeteners are still considered added sugars, and many of them still undergo some form of treatment before being sold.

Different types of artificial sweeteners

An artificial sweetener is a low-calorie or no-calorie chemical that is used primarily instead of sugar to sweeten foods and beverages. It is a sugar substitute, a food additive, that tries to replicate the taste of sugar but overall, with fewer calories. It is added to some foods to make them sweeter, such as sugar or corn syrup. Usually, it has a much lower energy value than sugar. Artificial sweeteners come in different varieties.

Best sugar substitute

What you often see that for basic baked goods like sugar cookies or pound cake, using maple syrup or honey instead of sugar lends the finished product a little extra flavour. Sweet Sugar Substitutes in baking who are often considered: coconut sugar, agave nectar or agave syrup, fruit concentrates., maple syrup. and molasses. See here what we can offer you at 1-2-Taste.

Low calorie sweeteners

Low-calorie sweeteners are sweeteners that contain few or no calories, but have a higher sweetness intensity per gram than calorie-containing sweeteners, such as table sugar, juice concentrates, and syrups. – corn syrup. These sweeteners are a basic ingredient in diet drinks to sweeten them with little or no extra calories. 1-2-Taste features sweeteners in powder, liquid and syrup form.

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