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What are emulsifiers?

An emulsifier is a substance that helps to mix two substances that are normally immiscible or difficult to mix. In this way, an emulsion is formed. Emulsifiers make substances mix well with each other, especially water and oil. Some products naturally contain emulsifiers, such as milk, butter and soybeans. A well-known emulsifier is egg yolk, but today (soy)lecithin is mainly used.

What are humectants?

A humectant is a water-attracting substance added to a variety of foods for this property. Humectants are used in foods to prevent the product from drying out or to make a powder easily soluble. They are ideal for many different applications. 1-2-Taste offers an interesting range of humectants and emulsifiers in powder and even syrup form.

What does an emulsifier do?

Emulsifiers are used in the food industry to give products a silky, dense consistency that makes food more appealing to consumers. Products enriched with emulsifiers are often creamier. Thanks to thickeners and emulsifiers, food products always have the same high quality, meaning no delamination, consistent colour and consistency. With the addition of emulsifiers, food products not only look nicer but also taste better.

What does a humectant do?

Humectants are used to stabilise the moisture content of foodstuffs and are incorporated as food additives. Some commonly used humectants in food are honey and glucose syrup, both because of their water absorption and sweet taste. Glucose syrup also helps maintain its shape better than other alternatives, over a longer period of time. Moreover, some humectants are recognised as good food additives in several countries because they increase nutritional value.

What is emulsifier made of?

You can’t mix liquid and fat, oil, for example, will just float back on top of water. But by adding an emulsifier, the two ingredients can still remain mixed. So an emulsifier is a substance that helps mix two ingredients that are normally not miscible or difficult to mix. A well-known example is mayonnaise: to mix vinegar with oil, lecithin from egg yolk is used as an emulsifier.

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