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All natural food colouring at 1-2-Taste

Food colouring is any dye, pigment, or substance that gives colour when added to food or drink. They come in many forms, including liquids, powders, gels, and pastes. In commercial food production, food colouring is commonly used. Some of the most successful natural colourings we have at 1-2-Taste are: dark coloured plant-based powders, fresh juices or boldly coloured fruit, vegetable or herb juices, concentrated syrup of fresh fruit or vegetable juice.

Food colouring for baking

Gel food colouring, powdered food colouring or liquid gel food colouring is great for baking and decorating cakes. Intense and vibrant gel food colouring that provides a consistent tone without altering the taste or texture of cakes, frostings, cookies, fondant or any other products. 1-2 Taste food colours are made from natural sources of fruits, vegetables, and edible plants such as spirulina to colour food naturally.

Liquid food colouring

There are many ways of colouring food but one of the most familiar forms of food colouring is liquid. Liquid food colouring is usually made with synthetic water-based dyes. It’s usually sold in squeeze bottles, which are great for beginners as you can add as many (or as few) drops as you want until you get the colour you want. Please do not confuse these with colouring foods which are natural colouring solutions.

Powder food colouring

Powder food colouring is a completely dry, liquid-free form of food colouring. Powder colours are used most often in applications where water is prohibited. It is perfect for mixtures that are sensitive to the amount of liquid added. Powder colours are best used in recipes that are sensitive to any added liquid such as chocolate, dry mixes or macaroons.

Order the best food colouring at 1-2-Taste

You can select your ideal food colour in the (small) package size that will meet your needs. All product specifications can be downloaded, just create an account for free. Order one or more samples first and try it in your development process. The 1-2-Taste team of experienced people in the food industry are happy to assist you: working jointly on your success!