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Plant-based ingredients for food and beverages

The demand for plant-based ingredients in food and beverage products is growing rapidly due to their perceived health benefits and sustainability advantages. At 1-2-Taste, we offer a wide range of plant-based ingredients, including proteins, fibers, and natural flavours, to help you create delicious and nutritious products that meet consumer demand. Our plant-based ingredients are carefully sourced and selected to ensure high quality, safety, and sustainability.

Plant-based extracts

Plant-based extracts are a natural and effective way to add flavour and aroma to food and beverage products. At 1-2-Taste, we offer a diverse range of plant-based extracts, including vanilla and tea, to enhance the taste and fragrance of your products. Our plant-based extracts are carefully selected and processed to ensure maximum flavour and safety. With our high-quality plant-based extracts, you can create delicious and appealing products that satisfy your customers’ tastes and preferences.

Plant-based fibres

Plant-based fibers are increasingly popular in the food industry due to their versatility and health benefits. At 1-2-Taste, we offer a wide range of plant-based fibers, carefully selected for their quality and functionality. From stabilizing and thickening agents to dietary fibers, our plant-based fibers can help you create high-quality and nutritious products that meet consumer demand.

Our selection of plant-based protein alternatives

At 1-2-Taste, we understand the importance of plant-based protein alternatives in meeting the growing demand for sustainable and healthy food products. That’s why we offer a diverse range of high-quality plant-based proteins, including pea, soy, and rice protein, to help you create delicious and nutritious products that meet the needs of health-conscious consumers.

Your partner in plant-based alternatives

1-2-Taste is the ideal partner to current and aspiring food manufactures in Protein transition business. The online B2B platform helps you meet this growing consumer demand for a better alternative, offering all the quality ingredients you need and the solutions to support your brand across various food market applications. We can help you flex forward by providing ingredient solutions and sourcing diversity tailored to your food business.

Order your plant-based ingredients at 1-2-Taste

At 1-2-Taste, we make it easy to order high-quality plant-based ingredients for your food and beverage products. Our platform offers a wide selection of plant-based proteins, fibers, extracts, and other ingredients, sourced from trusted suppliers and carefully tested for quality and safety. With our easy-to-use interface and competitive pricing, you can quickly find and order the plant-based ingredients you need to create innovative and sustainable products.