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Welcome to Bombasei Decor
We are a supplier of coloring food stuff, your ideal solution for producing naturally vibrant food. Whether you’re a baker, confectioner, a beverage innovator, chef, an ice cream maker, or any other professional user, we have exactly what you need to color-spike your products. Our natural food colors are derived from 100% fruits, vegetables, and edible plants, ensuring they are completely free from artificial colorants and preservatives. Embrace the beauty of coloring foods naturally, as our products provide the perfect alternative to conventional food colorants. Explore our diverse range of products today and experience the joy of coloring without E-numbers!

→ Check the BColors information sheet for more information about the products such as behaviour at different temperature and pH.

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BColors  Kurkuma Yellow is a

BColors Karamell Brown is a

BColor Rubin Red is a natural

BColor Spirulina Blue is a

BColors Berry-Red is a natural

BColors Lemon-Yellow is a

BColors Chili-Red is a natural

BColors  “Unicorn-Pink” is a

The BColors sample box

BColors Grape Violet is a

BColors Apple Green is a