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Bakery Academy

We believe in your unique bakery products!

We are a group of entrepreneurial, hands-on bakery consultants who work worldwide. We are practical and eager with a passion for making baking, science, and technology accessible and applicable to you. Amongst the variety of our clients are raw material suppliers, industrial bakeries, and bakery institutes.

What to expect working with the Bakery Academy

Starting from the essentials with local input, various ingredients, and fundamental processes, our consultants find the best practical optimum for each product, taste, and method for you. We can assist you either remotely, from our Bakery Academy Centre in Winsum (NL), or onsite, at your side, wherever you are situated.

  • New products and processes
  • Set up of new bakery (production) plants
  • Reduced material costs of your products
  • Extended shelf life of your products
  • Cleaner label on your products
  • More steady control of your baking business processes
  • Reverse-engineered products and processes

Services of Bakery Academy


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We invite you for a free consult and identify your needs, goals and explore the possibilities to formulate a successful project.

Bakery Academy is an expert in bakery product development, by working hard to stay bakery experts on ingredients, their functionalities, interactions and their related processes.

The complexity of applying knowledge in the development of new bakery products is our daily job. Whether it is transferring a successful product from abroad to your local bakery and ingredients, creating something completely new and unheard of or fine tuning the last bit of your development. Our bakery experts will help facilitate your next innovation to stay on top of your market.

By approaching each product from the bakery process involved combining with a formulation coming from our bakery knowledge database we have a great starting point.

Develop specifically to your requirements.

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About Bakery Academy

At Bakery Academy, we believe in your unique, local ingredients and recipes. We want to help you create products with a characteristic taste unique to your business. We firmly believe that we can facilitate you in the desired growth and expansion of your business. Just ask our clients all over the world! Together, we explore recipes, processes, and traditional ingredients.

Surprising new products in line with the highest production standards are produced all the time. Together with your team, we will develop, transfer, and maintain the same or better quality and taste throughout the process. To help you, we offer practical advice, hands-on or remote coaching, and training on the job.


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