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Award winning food and drink innovation center

FoodBuzz specializes in creating all types of new drinks products. Starting from the glimmer of an idea in your head and making the spark come to life to getting fully fired up and getting the final product on to the factory floor – we can help anywhere you may need us to support you along your journey.

We are a product development agency that helps startups and businesses on any scale bring their ideas to life by providing them with the necessary expertise and equipment capabilities they need to turn their dreams into reality. We work with clients from all over the world and our team is comprised of qualified food technologists with many years of industrial experience. As product developers we know our craft inside out and always have the feasibility and end goals for practicality of scaling in mind.

We are ready and waiting to help you achieve success.
We help bring your product to life by creating and refining your recipe ideas in our lab, working hand in hand with you all the way. Do you have this amazing idea but don’t know how to bring this to the market? Are you not 100% sure if your product can be manufactured on a bigger scale? Do you want to make some adjustments to your product but don’t know how? Make sample batches to demo your products to potential buyers?
No problem for us, we can help.

Services we can help with

Ingredient and Copacker sourcing  •  Beverage Recipe Development  •  Upscaling & Contract Manufacturing  •  Small batch size sample production  •  
Ingredients Lists Nutritional Labelling & Artwork checks  •  Preservation & Shelf-Life Extension Testing  •  Help with Label Branding & Design

Services of FoodBuzz


Beverage recipe development & Small batch size sample production

Award winning drinks development innovation skills and Beverage Recipe Development?

We are an award-winning team of food technologists with a wide knowledge and vast experience in all types of drinks development and a hands-on manufacturing background. We have combined over 70 years of experience in developing and taking beverages from concept to launch. We specialize in developing any type of drink including Powdered drinks, Low and No Alcohol Drinks, Plant Based Milk Alternatives, Vegan Protein Shakes, Dairy Based Drinks, Juice Drinks and Alcoholic Cocktails. We can work with ideas and products at any stage in their development and turn them into commercially viable and scalable recipes in our extensively equipped R&D lab facility in the UK.

The recipes we develop are tested through precise and repeatable processing conditions that are as close to factory settings as feasible to make sure they are scalable. We work with a wide range of ingredients sourced according to the product application and ensure it meets UK & EU legislation for where it will be produced. We bring a flexible, creative, and practical approach to create new products that taste great, are technically sound and ready for scale up with various small to medium size packing partners in cans, bottles, and pouches.

No matter if you are an entrepreneur, a large FMCG company or a local food manufacturer, we can help. We have worked with hundreds of satisfied customers and developed multiple award-winning products . You can go to our website to see some of the accolades and feedback from our customers.

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Help with label branding & design, ingredients lists, nutritional labelling & artwork checks

Labelling and Calculated Nutritional Information
We provide guideline theoretical nutritional values based on the most up to date raw material data available. We can supply this as part of a project for recipes developed for you or we can also help you to calculate this from your own recipes. The values can be used to substantiate labelling on your product and to indicate what nutritional or health claims you might be able to make on the finished pack.

Artwork and Regulation
We can provide ingredient list creation including Quantitative Ingredient Declarations (QUID), allergen listing, and traffic light labelling and confirmation of allowable claims on pack. We can also do a regulatory check for compliance with current legislation pertaining to UK/EU standards for existing labels.

Brand Design & Label Creation
We can help you with your branding and provide design agency support. They can help with creating a full brand including definition of your unique selling point and the consumers’ “reason to buy”. The brand will reflect these key messages and personality supported by your logo, packaging label artwork and website.

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Ingredient & copacker sourcing, upscaling & contract manufacturing

Ingredient Sourcing and Knowledge Database

We work with suppliers to source imaginative ingredients of great quality, fit for purpose to achieve the best results for the application. We have over 1000 ingredients on our stock from over 50 different suppliers including specialist flavour houses and the list is growing all the time. We tap into their knowledge as well as published and independent research to be ahead of the curve on trends and new ingredients.

Upscaling & Contract Manufacturing including sourcing of the right co-packing partner.

As a first step from a kitchen scale before you go to commercial production, we can provide small pilot scale processed batches of samples in a variety of options.

HTST or Pasteurised Vegan Or Dairy Drinks: Trial samples of 5-10 L of chilled product produced under indirect HTST (high-temperature short time) conditions with high pressure homogenization. Packed via a laminar flow cabinet into 250ml PET bottles with a shelf life up to 4 weeks.

Drinks glass bottlesAmbient low pH Drinks (Glass Bottles): Laboratory trial samples of 1-3L with low or no carbonation can be produced in 250ml capped glass bottles for low pH drinks. Larger commercial trials of 500L can be made with various shapes and sizes of bottles and closures if the neck diameter is 26mm (crown cap) or 28/29mm fo a screw cap.

Ambient Canned Drinks: Laboratory trials include samples of 2.5-3L per product which translates to 10-20 cans of finished product. Trial samples can be made in 250ml/150ml slim cans for any range of recipes and can include cold and hot brewing, Initial factory trial quantities to validate a recipe would be 2000 units (if a later order is confirmed for at least 25000 units at the same time).

Powder Blends and Meal ReplacementsPowder Blends/Meal Replacements: Laboratory trials include samples of 2.5-3kg per powdered product packed into a range of pouch sizes. Our co-packer can blend and volumetric fill a range of powders and granules into various mediums such as pouches, jars or bottles in various sizes.

Commercial UHT Ambient Dairy Or Plant Based Drinks: Large scale trial products can be produced with associated co-packers in various Tetrapak formats from 200ml to 1L with minimum validation quantities of 3000L and commercial volumes of 10,000L – 25000L required.

Ambient Liquid Pouches: Small quantities of chilled or ambient drinks products in pouches for testing are also available for non-commercial use.

New NPD Production Processes: Our team of food & drink experts have technical, operational, commercial, and strategic skills and knowledge which we have developed from years of working at senior levels in the food industry. We can assist with new processing line implementation, business strategy, management accounting, skills and training and government funding initiatives to help brands achieve their growth ambitions

We can assess your recipe and make sure it is commercial and scalable before sharing it, with your permission, with the potential manufacturer. We make sure you are targeting the right manufacturer that can produce the right product for you and hit your shelf-life targets and has the right processing and packing capability.

We have a large UK database of manufacturers that we work closely with and have proven routes to market to get your products manufactured at the right scale when you are ready to commercially produce. We work with food manufacturers across the UK & Europe – don’t hesitate to have a call with us today. We can help!

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Preservation & shelf-life extension testing

We can help guide you to select the best types of raw materials, recipe formulation and processing to provide the best preservation and shelf life for your drink product. Once you have determined the product recipe and are ready to produce then we can consult with you to determine the right shelf-life testing regimes required and also provide microbiological and organoleptic testing laboratory provision to validate your final product shelf life. If you have a current product, we can also advise ways to consider and changes to your recipe or process that may be able to extend the shelf life.

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Some of our achievements

• Launched 200+ products in the UK/EU/US/Asian markets
• Our customers have won awards in many prestigious UK NPD competitions
• Worked with 20 + specialised drinks co-packers all over UK and EU
• Successful launches totalling £40million+ per year
• Launched products with large multinationals in the drinks industry listed in UK retailers like M&S, Morrisons, Asda as well as with independent brands like Weetabix, Koko Dairy Free, Jimmys and Naked to name a few

Meet the team

We are here to help you!


Sharon Harvey

Over 35 years’ experience in product development and technical management working for manufacturers, including Mondelez, 2Sisters, Lyons Seafood, Tulip and Framptons amongst others. Development leadership and project management provided for all sizes of customers, food service companies and UK retailers such as Marks & Spencer, Tesco and Co-op. Categories include RTE chilled and frozen, dairy, and plant-based beverages, allergen-free, raw and cooked meat, cooked seafood, party food and snacking.



Shimi Banerjee

A creative and knowledgeable Product Development Technologist with over 10 years’ experience and MSC Food Science. Experienced in taking products from concept to launch, with a strong focus on science-based application to create, scale-up and launch technically sound and commercially successful products. Product categories include innovative drink mixers, non-alcoholic drinks, dairy, dairy-free/dairy alternatives, fruit juices/smoothies, sauces, chutneys, dressings and mayonnaise in both chilled and ambient formats as well as soups, sandwich fillings and liquid and frozen egg products.



Matt Wolf

A Product and Process Development Technologist. Over 7 years’ experience in production line development, processing improvement and product development; BSc in Food Engineering, Human Nutrition and Food Science. Proven success in taking products from concept to launch with a strong problem-solving approach. Product categories include dairy (butter, cheese, cream, whey, protein concentrates, etc) and powdered blends, dairy-free/dairy alternative drinks, meal replacement drinks, protein drinks, cold brew coffee and coffee drinks, fruit juices/smoothies in both chilled and ambient formats as well as liquid and frozen egg products.