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Food Analytical Technologies

Providing quality control, nutritional information, safety studies and consultancy.

Microbiological analysis

FAT offers microbiological analysis on environmental swabs and food products. We also provide detection of pathogens for positive release, counting of bacteria, yeasts and moulds, and shelf-life testing.

Quality control

Safeguarding consistent quality is essential when working with organic raw materials. FAT can assist you in method development and tailor-made analytical support.

Nutritional Information

As consumer awareness is increasing, nutritional information is more critical than ever. FAT can determine The Big 8 for labelling purposes.

Other tests we offer

Sensory Evaluation with E-nose
Oxidative Studies

Sensory evaluation with e-nose

The Alpha-Mos Heracles Neo Electronic nose is a high-end, analytical device that can perform sensory analysis based on smell. The device detects volatile aromas for sensory evaluation, quality control, shelf-life control, and standardization of quality.

The nose is equipped with an autosampler to speed up analysis throughput. Thanks to its numerous applications, high precision, and ease of use, you can control the sensory profile of your products to satisfy your customers better.

Its unique software is equipped with a vast database that holds more than 99 000 chemical compounds, 2 000 compounds with related sensory notes and odour attributes, and 1800 molecules with a human odour detection threshold.

Oxidation studies

The oxidation stability tests performed with the Oxitest Reactor accelerate the oxidation process that, in normal conditions, can last weeks or months. The tests provide fast and reliable results for Food & Feed, Cosmetic, Pharma, and Petrochemical industries. This method is a proven alternative to chemical methods such as iodine, peroxide, and TOTOX value.

The oxitest can be applied in a multitude of experiments such as:

• Quality control of raw materials and ingredients.
• The effect of transportation on goods.
• Storage time studies.
• Product development and behaviour.
• Formula optimization.
• Ingredient and alternative ingredient testing.
• Process optimization.
• Packaging study with an alternative packaging comparison.

Services of Food Analytical Technologies

Book required tests online in 4 easy steps

Book your tests with Food Analytical Technology online. Select which tests you require for microbiology and proximate analysis.

Step 1

Select the Tests You Need to be Done, Online.

• Select desired test results
• Add a test to your cart for each sample you will submit
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Step 2

Prepare Samples of a Minimum of 100g Each.

For best results and accurate measurement, please provide 100g per sample and label each one clearly.

If you have questions, contact us via info@foodanalyticaltechnologies.com.

Step 3

Prepare samples Properly for Shipment.

Make sure you pack samples in suitable, well-sealed containers. Use sterile sample containers for microbiology and ship samples as quickly as possible (preferably within 48 hours).

Step 4

Receive Test Results.

When we receive your samples and payment, Food Analytical Technology tests your samples at the highest standards and will share your end results immediately upon test completion.


Microbiology tests

Microbiological testing: Different types of analysis are performed daily to determine if pathogens are present in your production facility or food products. We assist in improving and validating your hygiene protocols and positive release testing.

Positive release: Batches that require positive release before entering the consumer market require flexibility and speed. Using the most advanced techniques, we can detect pathogens and give positive release within 48 hours!

Environmental testing: Using swabs, we test your food facility. Together, we can improve your sampling plan and hygiene process. We can train your staff to improve their cleaning and swab techniques on request.

Listeria monocytogenes: One of the most dangerous pathogens is L. mono. We can detect this pathogen and advise you on how to prevent contamination.

Colony-forming units (CFU): There are different solutions for different applications. Our lab can assist with all of your needs. (Total plate count, E. coli, Listeria spp/mono, Salmonella, Enterobacteriaceae, Coliforms, Coagulase positive staphylococcus, Yeast and molds)

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Proximate analysis for labeling and quality control

Proximate analysis determines whether food items are safe for human and animal consumption. For livestock, feed is tested to ensure that it contains enough protein, fats, and carbohydrates for healthy animals. In human food, nutrient levels are tested to determine the levels of each within the product, as well as such things as protein, fats, and carbohydrates.

What can we offer:
• Dry matter, • Protein content, • Fat content, • Dietary fiber content, • Carbohydrate content
• Salt content, • Ash content

All methods follow AOAC or ISO procedures.

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FDA compliant labeling

Nutritional information

For the purpose of labeling or as quality, marker FAT can determine the nutritional value of different food and feed products.

• For food, it is possible to measure fat, dietary and crude fiber, protein, moisture, salt, energy content and carbohydrate content.
• For animal feed, it is possible to perform the Weende analysis or the modified Weende analysis according to van Soest.

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