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Food Scientist for Hire

Food Scientist For Hire specialises in creating new products. Starting from the idea till the product leaves the factory floor – we can help anywhere you may need help along this process.

Recipe Development | Upscaling & Contract Manufacturing
Ingredients List & Nutritional Labelling | Preservation & Shelf-Life Extension | Branding

Are you looking for a food scientist?

We combine food technology solutions with innovative, scientific and out-of-the-box thinking. Delivering results on a global scale. We are passionate foodies that live and breathe food. We are a food consultant collective that develops food and drink products from concept to launch. No matter if you are an entrepreneur, a large FMCG company or a local food manufacturer, we can help. We think globally but act locally. We create solutions that are practical and work. We are global and have a presence in Europe, US, UK and Australia.

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Services of Food Scientist for Hire


Contract manufacturer sourcing

Do you need a small-scale manufacturer for just a 1000 units or even truckloads of product? We can help you find a co-packer and project manage the manufacturing process for you. We can speak the lingo and the industry jargon so you will never have to feel out of depth.

We can assess your recipe before sharing it with the manufacturer and make sure you are targeting the right manufacturer that can produce the right product for you and hit your shelf-life targets. We work with food manufacturers across all continents – don’t hesitate to have a call with us today. We can help!

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Recipe development

Do you have this super cool idea but don’t know how to bring this to the market? Are you not 100% sure if your product can be manufactured on a bigger scale? ​Do you want to make some adjustments to your product but don’t know how? No problem for us, we can help.

We are a product development agency that helps startups bring their ideas to life by providing them with the necessary tools and knowledge they need to turn their dreams into reality. We work with clients from all over the world and our team is comprised of product developers, food scientists, development chefs and more who are ready to help you achieve success.

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Recipe review

This report is a 1-2 page review of your product. It includes a recipe analysis, where we offer advice on ingredient modifications for shelf-life improvement, preservation techniques, processing and flavour improvements. We can customise the report to suit your unique requirements. The report can also include a theoretical shelf-life plan and suggestions for any changes in processes or methodology. An additional component that could be included in the recipe review report could be a category-specific formulation advice section.

• Recipe Analysis
• Processing
• Preservation
• Shelf-Life
• Category Specific Industry Insights

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We specialise in multiple categories:

Some of our achievements…

Launched 200+ products in the UK/EU/US/AU/NZ markets
Won awards in prestigious International NPD competitions
Worked with large multinationals in the food industry such as Unilever and Mars
Worked with 30+ co-packers
Successful launches totalling $30million+ per year

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