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What is industrial meat processing?

Industrial meat processing refers to the large-scale production of meat products using modern technology and machinery. The process involves the slaughter, packaging, and distribution of meat products such as beef, pork, poultry, and lamb on a large scale. This process is done in industrial facilities that are designed to handle large volumes of animals, such as feedlots and slaughterhouses.

Plant-based meat ingredients

Plant-based meats and meat replacers, designed to replace animal meat are on the rise. While earlier products like tofu were meant to replace animal meat, today next generation products have come to market that are outperforming in taste, texture, smell, and appearance. Ingredients commonly found in plant based food include legumes, soybeans or lentils, teff, quinoa, vegetable proteins like peas, coconut oil and vital wheat gluten.

Our meat processing ingredients

You can purchase a variety of meat processing ingredients at 1-2-Taste, including: meat curing salts, spices and seasonings, stabilizers and binders, and smoke flavours. These ingredients can be found on the 1-2-Taste platform. Spices and seasonings are used to flavour meats such as sausages and burgers and stabilizers and binders are used to improve the texture and consistency of meat products.

Meat flavours for manufacturing

Meat flavours for manufacturing refers to the use of flavourings and seasonings that are added to meat products during the manufacturing process. These flavourings can come in a variety of forms, including liquid, powder, or paste, and can be used to enhance the natural flavour of the meat, add a specific flavour, or mask any off-flavours that may be present.

Red colouring for plant-based meat processing

Red colouring for plant-based meat processing refers to the use of colorants, usually a red food dye, to give plant-based meat products a colour that more closely resembles that of traditional meat products. This is done to make the final product more visually appealing and to help it resemble the colour and appearance of real meat.

Our partners for processed meat ingredients

At 1-2-Taste we have a variety of companies and suppliers that provide ingredients for processed meat production. These companies offer a variety of ingredients such as meat curing salts, spices, seasonings, smoke flavours, and other functional ingredients. If you are missing one or more processed meat ingredients, please contact us directly. With our wide range of partners we can almost certainly help you.

Order at 1-2 taste

Make 1-2-Taste as your innovative partner and order your meat processed meat ingredients online – a whole range that can be used for making plant-based meat analogues. Order small quantities just right for your product trials anytime from anywhere.1-2-Taste strives to provide the best quality and services at the same time.