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Plant-Ex – Carmine Extract Food Colour Powder – NC1208

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Plant-Ex Carmine Extract Food Colour Powder – NC1208 is a bright pink food colour powder. It is great for colouring your food end products in many areas.


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Plant-Ex Carmine Extract Food Colour Powder – NC1208 is a bright pink food colour powder. It adds attractive colour to your food end products especially in meat processing, dairy industry. A bright pink powder comprising Carminic Acid extracted from the wings of the female Cochineal Beetle which is then stabilised under alkaline conditions to form Carmine. The material is then spray dried onto Maltodextrin to create a bright pink water soluble powder.

Appearance: Bright pink powder

Product identification: Carmine E120

Ingredients: Maltodextrin (EU Origin GM Free), Carmine E120, Potassium Hydroxide, Water

Usage rate: As required according to local legislation

Suitable for: Kosher, Halal

Plant-Ex Red Beet Food Colour Powder is GM-free and non-irradiated


Additional Information

Packaging25KG CAN, 5KG CAN, From 100Kg in bags of 25Kg, SAMPLE 30G
Application AreaBeverage - Brewery, Beverages - Dry, Confectionery, Meat and Fish Processing, Plant-based Meat and Dairy Alternatives, Ready Meals and Meal Components, Savoury baked goods, Side Dishes, Soups & Sauces and Seasonings, Sweet baked goods
TechnologyFood Colour Powder
Dietary SuitabilityGluten free, Halal, Kosher
Labels and MarksNon-GMO
Shelf Life9 Months
Country of OriginGB
Storage ConditionsCool & Dry, 10-30°C
DG ClassificationNone
HSN Code32030020
ProfileCarmine Extract, Carmine Extract Food Colouring Powder

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