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BETA Nutritions was founded by Tobias Hammer, a PhD chemist with over 11 years in the food industry. As a consultant, he optimizes operations and product development, enhancing efficiency and quality.

His expertise includes sourcing unique raw materials, innovative formulations, and quality control, supported by a strong network of suppliers and customers and identifies industry trends and creates practical strategies, covering the entire value chain. Committed to quality and innovation, he helps companies stay competitive in a dynamic market.

Services of Beta Nutritions

With a clear focus on customer satisfaction and taking sustainability aspects into account, I am at your disposal as a competent consultant to help you achieve your business goals in the food industry.


Toll manufacturing consultancy

For years, I have overseen contract manufacturing from both the customer and producer perspectives.

This allows me to:

  • Pinpoint areas of concern and promptly resolve any basic issues.
  • Effectively mitigate non-conformances for initial or novel products.
  • Have extensive knowledge in handling both powder and liquid blends, as well as managing packaging sizes from 5 grams to silo capacities.

Additionally, my extensive network of partners aids in selecting the best production site for specific needs.

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Supply chain management consultancy

Using advanced technologies and proven strategies, I collaborate closely with organizations to create bespoke solutions that align with their unique needs and goals. I place a special emphasis on promoting sustainability and resilience, guaranteeing that businesses are both effective and viable for the long term.

I possess extensive experience in:

  • Warehouse management,
  • Distribution, and logistics
  • Scrutinizing supply chain processes,
  • Detecting bottlenecks and
  • Executing effective solutions to enhance efficiency.

Through my expertise gained from working across diverse industries and keeping abreast of the latest trends and best practices in the supply chain management landscape, I am well-equipped to propose inventive solutions and implement established protocols. As your exclusive supply chain consultant, my aim is to boost your business prospects by refining your supply chain processes and enabling you to confidently navigate the dynamic market.

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Product development support (meat, fish, and plant-based products)

I provide an array of development support services, from  offering advice and tips to full product development. My exclusive network & access to several pilot plants and laboratories enables this support. Through this support, I also offer product optimization services to improve efficiency and reduce raw material usage.

I possess extensive experience in:

  • Liquid and powder formulations
  • Plant-based products: My focus areas are taste, yield, colour and other pertinent factors.
  • Matching existing products.

Pricing is available from production through to the final consumer product for both meat and plant-based products.

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Food safety consultancy

I possess extensive experience in devising and executing food safety schemes that fulfill regulatory prerequisites while tackling industry-targeted predicaments. By collaborating closely with manufacturing facilities, suppliers and regulatory bodies, I help organizations in guaranteeing the utmost standards in the production, storage and distribution of food.

My extensive range of services encompasses

  • Conducting risk assessments
  • Providing audits and training sessions to ensure that all staff are proficient in all relevant aspects of food safety
  • Providing guidance in the formulation of crisis management strategies
  • Offering support with prompt responses to unforeseen events such as product recalls
  • Streamlining existing processes
  • Identifying sources of contamination
  • Exploring Clean Label and non Clean Label options
  • Developing challenge and performance tests for new ingredients or matrices

As your food safety consultant, my commitment is to ensure that your organization adheres to legal requirements while fostering a trustworthy relationship with customers. My aim is to ensure that your products meet the highest standards of safety and quality by implementing a holistic strategy to minimize risk and promote continuous improvement.

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