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Vulcano Impact

Sustainability managers on demand

We empower agri-food companies to grow sustainably.

Agri-food companies need sector focused guidance to create sustainability strategies and plans to differentiate themselves from competitors while being compliant with ESG (environmental, social, governance) policies.
We support companies define clear sustainability strategies and, based on the strategy set, select the appropriate analyses (e.g. CO2 footprint or LCA) and certifications (e.g. B Corp) needed to substantiate and communicate their impact. We complement sustainability strategies with brand growth plans to provide companies with a competitive advantage sustainable over time.


Be compliant with EU sustainability policies.


Attract more ESG investments, eco-conscious customers and consumers.

Services of Vulcano Impact


ESG strategies & certifications

Create ESG strategies that have a real impact, differentiating your company from your competitors while ensuring compliance.

What we offer:
•  Support to develop and implement ESG strategies linked with SDGs, provide guidance on GRI reporting, CSRD compliance, B Corp certification and more.
•  Comparability analysis between sustainability certifications and frameworks to identify the best for your needs.
•  Stakeholders’ engagement plan and other forms of research to prioritise the ESG matters most relevant to the company.

This solution is perfect for you if:
•  You’re new to the world of ESG, but seek to get started on your sustainability journey.
•  You’re already engaged in sustainability efforts but lack the resources, time or expertise to navigate ESG frameworks and certifications effectively.
•  You require swift implementation of ESG strategies to meet stakeholders demands and regulatory requirements.
•  You aim to showcase your commitment to sustainability through recognised certifications and frameworks.

What are you waiting to make a positive impact and be future-proof? Accelerate your journey towards sustainability with our support, and streamline your path towards sustainable growth.

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Sustainability analyses & plans

Quantify your CO2 footprint, conduct a complete Life-Cycle Assessment, and develop actionable plans to minimise your environmental impact.

What we offer:
•  CO2 footprint or Life-Cycle Assessments (LCAs) for food and beverage ingredients, customised to your needs.
•  Impact reports aligned with ISO and other relevant standards, including goal and scope of the work, LCI analysis, methodology, data analysis, graphical representation of GHG emissions and more impact indicators.
•  Comparative Analysis: against alternatives or previous versions of your product to provide clear insights into your environmental performance and facilitate effective communication.
•  Eco-Design: to design products with lower environmental footprints based on LCA findings.
•  EDPs and other reports: based on your company’s priorities and stakeholder requests.

This solution is ideal if:
•  You’re committed to reducing your environmental impact, but need assistance in quantifying and addressing it effectively.
•  You seek to showcase your environmental commitment through transparent CO2 and LCA reports.
•  You’re eager to communicate your environmental impact through recognised methodologies and frameworks.

Our holistic approach ensures alignment with regulatory requirements, industry best practices, and stakeholder expectations, enabling you to transparently communicate your environmental achievements and enhance your brand reputation.
What are you waiting to make a positive impact and be future-proof? Accelerate your journey towards sustainability with our support, and streamline your path towards sustainable growth.

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Sustainable brand growth

Fast-track your growth and increase your brand differentiation with our strategic support.

What we offer:
•  Market penetration services: starting with in-depth market and consumer research to gain insights into market dynamics and consumer behaviour. We then develop customised brand growth and communication plans, incorporating growth hacking techniques and strategic partnerships across various channels. We help companies grow, while ensuring they are sustainable at their core.
•  Market entry strategies: to ensure a seamless transition into new markets, supported by local partnerships and tailored market entry strategies.
•  Product portfolio expansion and optimisation: identifying opportunities to expand or optimise your product portfolio for enhanced market penetration, while reducing environmental impact.

This solution is perfect for you if:
•  You’re aiming to expand your market reach and solidify your brand’s presence.
•  You seek innovative strategies to accelerate growth and amplify brand communication.
•  Swift implementation of market entry and portfolio optimisation strategies is crucial to penetrate new markets effectively.
•  You’re eager to tap into new markets and optimise your product portfolio for maximum impact.

What are you waiting to fast-track your growth in a sustainable way? Strengthen your brand and marketing plan with our support, making sustainability the power of your growth.

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Working with brands across the value chain

•  Agritech and Farming
•  Ingredients manufacturer
•  Product manufacturer
•  Food and Beverage companies
•  Packaging and recycling
•  Restaurants, caterers

Our network & expertise

Marta and Gloria combine their expertises in the food and beverage industry, policy and sustainability, and collaborate with a network of specialised consultants (e.g. LCA practitioners, countries expert) to deliver tailored sustainable growth projects.
At VULCANO IMPACT the work is carried out following agile methodologies to develop actionable strategies within 8 weeks, and to support companies during execution and continuous improvement.

Brand and marketing expert with experience in F&B multi-national and scale up settings. She worked at Unilever on a wide range of food products, on brands like Magnum and Lipton. She also led brand growth and sustainability projects at Meatless Farm, a plant-based meat scale up.

Sustainability and policy expert with experience on data and digital solutions to support companies decision-making. With a background in international law, she worked at the UN Environment Programme on plastics and circular innovation, and prior on legaltech compliance innovation at Cisco Systems.