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The quality of the food you sell defines the success of your brand. That is why we offer you an array of premium, nutritious foods that are environment-friendly, healthy, and also available in organic.

From flavorful spices, we provide a wide range of delectable produce for your brand. They are naturally grown, carefully chosen, and ethically sourced. We do all that and more to ensure your brand is the most flavorful.

aQysta partners with vulnerable smallholder farmers to promote profitable and climate-resilient farming practices. We connect farmers with premium markets and collaborate with partners to create fair, sustainable, and shorter value chains that offer premium prices for the farmers’ produce.

Ginger & Timur/Timut Pepper

Our Ginger, cultivated in the mid hill terrains of Nepal. aQysta works for example work with an EU Organic certified female cooperative from Palpa, Nepal. The ginger is a product of sustainable and diverse organic farming practices implemented by the smallholder farmers we work with. The unique combination of ideal climate and soil conditions in this region allows for the production of ginger that is not only of superior quality but also rich in flavor.

Ginger has been used in European cuisine for centuries, adding both flavor and health benefits to dishes. Nepali ginger is also appreciated for its sustainability and fair trade practices, making it an ethical ingredient choice for conscious consumers.

Our Wild Timur Pepper grows in the Himalayas and is a citrusy, complex cousin of the Sichuan peppercorn. Nepali Timur is famous for its mouth-tingling and citrusy flavor, which enhances the depth and character of numerous Nepali dishes

Grind into sautéed spinach or over a piece of grilled fish or tofu — starting with a mild main ingredient will let the pepper’s flavor and aroma sparkle. Timur Pepper also makes a great DIY spice blend, mixed with black and white peppercorns.

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