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Trigona Dairy Trade





Your partner in Dairy commodities, Foodservice & Retail since 2009
Trigona Dairy Trade is a company, which specialises in the Supply of Commodity Dairy Products for Industrial use, and (Non) Dairy Products for Foodservice and Retail.

It was founded in 2009 by Rik Loeters and Chris Jackson who together already had many years of experience in the Dairy industry.

Our depth of knowledge of the products we deal with and the market which we serve, allows us to offer a full range of products to our customers who are then able to select the option with the right product, delivered and packaged to their requirements, at the right time at the right price.

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It is obtained by evaporating

Melty shredded vegan cheese

It is a soft, mild-tasting

Cream cheese is a soft,

This Feta type white cheese is

Buffalo mozzarella is a white

Burrata di bufala is a cheese

This Ricotta di Bufola is a

1 pallet of Young Jackfruit in

It is a powder made by

It is creamy, soft, and melts

Produced from pasteurised

One pallet of Banana Blossom

A yellow Swiss–type

Its smooth, creamy texture

Semi-hard Dutch Gouda cheese

This sharp-tasting cheese is

It is a powder made from

Buffalo mozzarella is a white

Dutch Gouda cheese is a