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Foodie Flavours


With a range of over 60 natural flavours, Foodie Flavours is the brand of choice for Foodies.

High Strength Natural Flavourings
With dose rates of 0.1 – 0.3% in foodstuffs
Many 15 and 200 mL samples on stock in Europe for fast delivery

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A strong Almond water soluble

An intense natural aniseed

A natural flavouring with a

Savour the sweet, fruity taste

High Strength Natural Cinnamon

A natural flavouring with a

A natural Apricot flavouring

A high roast arabica type

A coconut natural flavouring

High Strength Bird’s Eye

A Cream Soda natural

A Custard natural flavouring

Cookies & Cream natural

Ideal for that cheese cake

A Cranberry natural flavouring

A natural Lemon flavouring,

A Dandelion & Burdock

High strength natural lime

A natural lime flavouring,

A high strength water soluble

A natural mixed spice

A Mulled Wine spice natural

An intense natural liquorice

A high strength natural

A high strength natural orange

Lychee natural flavouring with

A natural maple flavouring

High Strength Marshmallow

Sweet tropical natural Mango

A high strength natural rose

An Earthy, Sweet, Pumpkin

A natural flavouring providing

High Strength Rose WS Natural

A Rhubarb natural flavouring

Sweet White Rum Natural

Add a taste of the

A creamy vanilla natural

This High Strength Natural

A high strength Strawberry

A lovingly extracted Organic

High Strength Watermelon

This high strength natural

An Xmas Pudding natural

New Natural Recipe – A violet

A natural flavouring with ripe

A high strength Pineapple

A sweet ripe fleshy peach

A Peppermint natural

A natural flavouring thats

Pina Colada – tropical taste

A juicy Plum Natural

A natural flavouring with a

Pure peppermint Oil – ideal

Natural Elderflower flavouring

Enjoy the sweet, doughy taste

A delicious cream burnt sugar

An alcohol-free

Enjoy the subtropical flavour

Natural Ginger Extract – an

A natural flavouring with a

A strong Hazelnut natural

A Gingerbread water soluble

Enjoy the subtropical flavour

A Ginger natural flavouring –

Honeycomb natural flavouring –

A vegan Honey natural

An alcohol free Irish Cream

A Bubble Gum food flavouring –

A high strength natural

A natural Blackcurrant

A taste of gin, try in

A Candy Floss natural

High Strength Butter Natural

A strong natural Blueberry

A Caramel natural flavouring

A Creamy Buttery Caramel

Butterscotch natural

High Strength Cardamom Natural

A Mint Chocolate natural

A Fat Soluble Caramel natural

A Chocolate natural flavouring

A Cherry natural flavouring

A Sweet Hazelnut &

A natural food flavouring with

High Strength Chai Natural

A natural flavouring with a