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Your one-stop partner for food and beverage innovation projects across Europe

Agilery is a team of 14 international food professionals based in Zurich, Switzerland. We provide a range of services for all innovative food and beverage product categories. Pilot productions and small quantities are our specialty, with the ability to scale volumes smoothly and to optimise on the go. Our mission is to catalyse the ongoing good change in our food system!

What is Agilery?

Food brands, from small start-ups to leading corporates, assign us as a general contractor to implement innovative food and beverage products for quick market launches with small upfront investments. Agilery orchestrates a network of manufacturers and suppliers and builds the most optimal supply chain setups at every project scale, starting with piloting and iterative product development.

Services of Agilery


Complete product implementation

Turn your idea into commercial-ready products, reducing costs and lead time.

Ideal for:
•  Newcomers to the food industry wanting to launch a product
•  Existing food businesses lacking resources for a new launch
•  Those needing a fast, managed product launch
•  Showcasing specific ingredients or processes

No food industry experience required. We support you through each stage, maintaining transparency and ownership. Our step-by-step process includes mapping production options, scaling up recipes, and delivering the first product batch with full quality assurance, labeling compliance, and logistics. We ensure your product is ready for commercial success.
Afterward, we hand over the setup for your future productions, with ongoing support available. We handle small-scale projects without MOQ, finding partners to meet your specific needs by decoupling supply and production steps. We guarantee transparency, IP protection, confidentiality, and no hidden terms, with a lean and pragmatic approach. Working with Agilery ensures a faster product launch, avoiding pitfalls, and reducing costs.

•  Selection of co-manufacturers and suppliers
•  Quotations, scale-up, and quality assurance
•  First commercial-ready product batch
•  Tailored production setup handover

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Contract manufacturing search & evaluation

Find the best manufacturers and suppliers for your product in Europe.

Ideal for:
•  Difficulty finding suitable partners
•  Co-manufacturers demanding large volumes
•  Uncertain where to start searching in Europe
•  Needing a new co-manufacturer for existing operations
•  Launching a new product incompatible with current setup

With 300,000+ food and beverage companies in Europe, finding the right partners is challenging. Agilery acts as a central database to evaluate and select the best producers for your needs. We also identify necessary suppliers and partners for logistics or quality.
We leverage our extensive database and conduct ad-hoc searches for your project specifics, focusing on small to mid-scale contract manufacturers. We contact each manufacturer for updated evaluations and confirm their readiness to work with you. We aim to provide manufacturing cost estimates before trial productions. Agilery helps you access niche, small-scale facilities, ensuring feasibility and the best choices for your product.

•  Validated shortlist of contract manufacturers
•  Selection of ingredient and packaging suppliers
•  Cost evaluation (if possible)
•  Detailed recommendations and reporting

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Food & quality consulting

Tailored support from cross-fuctional industry experts

With 120+ innovation projects and counting Agilery reached mastery status across several food topics.
Our team members are all food scientists and engineers. Everyone has their specific field of expertise which is further developed with each innovation project and continuously honed through the intense interaction with our ecosystem – academia, lead companies, specialist groups and more. With a gatekeeper-approach we make sure to be always at the pulse of cutting-edge food know-how and developments. This knowledge is available to you through our on-demand consulting services

Claims Conformity & Regulations
•  Systematic Quality Assurance
•  Plant-based & Fermentation
•  Novel Food & Ingredients
•  Logistics, Fulfilment & Customs
•  Packaging Methods & Materials
•  Processing & Preservation Techniques

•  Condensed insights matching your most urgent requirements
•  Problem solving advise based on developed factbase
•  Industry snapshots and development trends
•  Technical, commercial, and social impact investigations

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Manufacturing operations management

One-stop flexible support for ongoing operations.

Ideal for:
•  Post-launch management without time or expertise
•  Tight budget needing high flexibility
•  Shifting focus from operations to sales
•  Growing business complexity

Managing co-manufacturing operations involves suppliers, deliveries, timelines, quality, and troubleshooting, which is time-consuming. Hiring an operations manager is risky and costly.
We offer flexible, tailored support through a single contact point, handling sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, quality, and cost reductions. Our team adapts to your needs, from occasional productions to daily deliveries, without burdening your finances. We grow with you, optimizing costs, adding products, and changing suppliers or manufacturers, ensuring control and transparency. Trust us to manage your supply chain while you focus on business growth.

•  Regular production run management
•  Continuous cost optimization
•  New product introductions
•  Regular reporting
•  And more!

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New product development

Fast prototyping for scale-ready products.

Agilery supports every stage of your food & beverage development:
•  From concept to prototype: Translating ideas into real products with recipes.
•  From kitchen to semi-industrial: Scaling recipes to meet external manufacturing requirements.
•  Range extension: Creating new variants, such as flavors, low/no-versions, packaging formats, or new categories.
•  Recipe renovation: Optimizing current products for sensorial, cost, label, technical, or nutritional aspects.

Our team of Food Scientists and Culinary Artists develop new recipes in 6 to 8 weeks, ensuring transparency and full recipe ownership.

Expertise in product categories:

Beverages: Alcohol-free, RTD cocktails, fruit-based drinks, infused/distilled drinks, functional drinks, plant-based alternatives, smoothies.
•  Snacks & Confectionery: Gluten-free, vegan, functional, low sugar, cookies, snack bars, crackers, chocolates.
•  Ingredients and Dry Mixes: Bouillon powders, spice blends.
•  Soups, Sauces & Spreads
Ice-Cream: Dairy and plant-based.
•  Dairy & Meat Alternatives: Vegetable and pulse patties.

Contact us for customized offers:
•  Fast Prototyping
•  Ingredient Sampling
•  Nutrition and Claims Guidance
•  Regulatory Compliance
•  Recipe Scalability Check

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Where are you now with your project?

I have a great idea for a product, but that is it for now.

Our New Product Development team is here for you!

I made a kitchen sample, and it came out just great, what now?

You can trust us with the next steps, thanks to our Complete Product Implementation offering!

I am producing on my own, also selling already, but slowly it is getting too much.

Outsourcing through co-manufacturing might be the right way to go! We’ll tell you all about it, and can even manage your operations going forward.

My product is being produced at a contract manufacturer, but things are not so great.

We will help you find and evaluate transparently new contract manufacturers across Europe!

I require independent professional expertise in specific food and beverage topics.

Give us a call, we can support you with topics such as quality, shelf life, food technology, logistics, sourcing and more!


Our industry network

Since 2019, Agilery managed successfully more than 120 innovation projects. Our Industry Network of manufacturers and suppliers grows with each new mapping assignment and reached already multiple thousands of data entries. Our goal is to bring transparency into the highly fragmented sector by creating the digital backbone of food contract manufacturing in Europe.
Small-batch manufacturers often don’t offer their services publicly. They are like small hidden pearls for all food innovators. At Agilery we put an extra effort in finding and onboarding them into our ecosystem and database.
Agilery is fully independent and has no special arrangements with any manufacturer or supplier. We keep it on purpose this way to be always able to build the most optimal “best of breed” supply chain setups without “red tape” limitations!

Our expertise