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Agilery is a team of 14 international food professionals based in Zurich, Switzerland. We provide a range of services for all innovative food and beverage product categories. Pilot productions and small quantities are our specialty, with the ability to scale volumes smoothly and to optimise on the go. Our mission is to catalyse the ongoing good change in our food system!

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What is Agilery?


Food brands, from small start-ups to leading corporates, assign us as a general contractor to implement innovative food and beverage products for quick market launches with small upfront investments. Agilery orchestrates a network of manufacturers and suppliers and builds the most optimal supply chain setups at every project scale, starting with piloting and iterative product development.

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Where are you now with your project?

I have a great idea for a product, but that is it for now.

Our New Product Development team is here for you!

I made a kitchen sample, and it came out just great, what now?

You can trust us with the next steps, thanks to our Complete Product Implementation offering!

I am producing on my own, also selling already, but slowly it is getting too much.

Outsourcing through co-manufacturing might be the right way to go! We’ll tell you all about it, and can even manage your operations going forward.

My product is being produced at a contract manufacturer, but things are not so great.

We will help you find and evaluate transparently new contract manufacturers across Europe!

I require independent professional expertise in specific food and beverage topics.

Give us a call, we can support you with topics such as quality, shelf life, food technology, logistics, sourcing and more!

Our Industry Network

Since 2019, Agilery managed successfully more than 120 innovation projects. Our Industry Network of manufacturers and suppliers grows with each new mapping assignment and reached already multiple thousands of data entries. Our goal is to bring transparency into the highly fragmented sector by creating the digital backbone of food contract manufacturing in Europe.
Small-batch manufacturers often don’t offer their services publicly. They are like small hidden pearls for all food innovators. At Agilery we put an extra effort in finding and onboarding them into our ecosystem and database.
Agilery is fully independent and has no special arrangements with any manufacturer or supplier. We keep it on purpose this way to be always able to build the most optimal “best of breed” supply chain setups without “red tape” limitations!

Our Expertises

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