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Food Coating Expertise

Coating tailored to your need




Food Coating Expertise is a company that specializes in enhancing the appearance and taste of food products to create products that appeal to consumer preferences.

They use their extensive knowledge and expertise in food coating to create coatings that add flavour, texture, and visual appeal to a wide range of food products. Their coatings are designed to meet the highest quality standards and enhance the overall consumer experience.


Basically, it all starts in a kitchen – where the product is developed. And finds its completion in the consumer’s kitchen – when it is eaten.

The development starts in a lab, is scaled up to a processing line, and implemented in the factory process.


1. Recipe formulation    |    2. Process design   |    3. Factory implementation

These are the capabilities offered by Food Coating expertise. They are excellent in specific applications and have experienced multiple situations. Their strength is in combining theoretical knowledge with practical know-how from different fields. Let’s find out how it can fit your purpose.

About food coating expertise

Food Coating expertise offers a range of capabilities including recipe formulation, process design, and factory implementation. With a wealth of experience in different applications, they combine theoretical knowledge with practical know-how to deliver customized solutions for our clients. Whether you are looking to develop a new coating recipe, optimize your manufacturing processes, or implement a new factory, their expertise can help you achieve your goals.

Why choose food coating expertise

There are several reasons to choose Food Coating Expertise for your food product development needs. First and foremost, they specialize in creating food products that not only taste great, but also look appealing to consumers. Additionally, their team has expertise in recipe formulation and process design, allowing them to develop customized solutions that meet your specific needs. They understand the importance of both taste and appearance in driving sales and building brand loyalty.

Services of Food Coating Expertise


Cook it

The target product is stripped down to its essential parts, body, and coat. Next, its purpose – or reason to be – is assessed. Once its characteristics are agreed upon, start the search for the right ingredients. Then, the formulation translates into a recipe. It is made by hand using kitchen accessories. Up to this point, minor quantities but extensive knowledge are used. Is this your demand?

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Design it

The first step consists of validating the recipe into a larger quantity. Manual operations are converted into mechanical ones. Pilot tests are carried out to confirm a working principle, and materials must behave according to the partition.

Volumes and the way to manipulate them are scaled up. Peripheral equipment is called to duty.

A process is designed and laid down in drawings and documentation. Then, systems are manufactured, shipped, installed, started, and commissioned. Which of this array of services do you need?

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Implement it

A product is born and must grow. The production must reach its target performance and trained operators, maintenance technicians, and line supervisors.

Quality Assurance is organized and documented. However, it may need some rehearsal and an audit carried out over time. A long way has been walked from the product brief to its exit from the line. Where can it be smoothed?

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