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PeelPioneers offers a circular solution for orange peels
PeelPioneers is a food-tech company, that pioneered a circular solution for the orange peels that are left over after squeezing oranges. PeelPioneers

processes these orange peels into a functional, clean label oil, which is applicable in multiple industries. This means that all the parts of the orange are used. PeelPioneers offer product alternatives for companies looking for a cost-effective and premium-quality product.

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Cold Pressed Orange Oil is a 100% natural oil that is obtained straight from the peel, without the use of chemicals. Minimal processing delivers a high-quality natural oil. You can use Orange oil in many applications.

The consumer can continue to drink fresh juice without worrying because there is a local, sustainable solution for the citrus peels that are leftover. You can use Peel Pioneers’ orange oil in vegan and vegetarian dishes and beverages.

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