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Divine Label Compliance

International regulations exist to inform, safeguard and protect consumers; they differ widely by sector and country.
Regulations also dictate mandatory labelling requirements which must be adhered to.
Manufacturers are required by law to ensure accurate descriptions within food, drinks and supplement labels and must be laid out correctly.

Divine label compliance      Divine label compliance

Services of Divine Label Compliance

The service you need depends on where you are in the process.


Label development consultancy

Divine Label Compliance – Label Development Consultancy at the start of your label journey

If you are creating a new product and thinking about packaging design, it can be very beneficial to think about label compliance from an early stage. You and your designers may not be aware of the mandatory regulatory text that is required on a product label. Get it right the first time and avoid expensive design rework attempting to make your label compliant later.
Your packaging designer will thank you for outlining all the mandatory text or icon requirements at an early stage. These differ by country remember.

Sectors Covered

  • Prepacked and non-prepacked food
  • Alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks
  • Supplements,
  • Pet food and supplements

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Label audit

Divine Label Compliance – Label Audit to review existing labels which might be printed or near to printing.

Don’t take risks; for a small investment we can check that your labels meet the regulatory requirements of the intended market. Our audit services will tell where there are problems, and we can help you apply corrections for a fully compliant label. → Take a free instant label check


Basic review: Great for a quick check for those last-minute projects giving you feedback on any glaring label compliance issues for example with a print deadline looming?

Full audit: A more in-depth look into your product label and artwork regulatory compliance. You will get a detailed overview of issues if present, and also a product spec review

Full audit with Technical Corrections (most popular): A comprehensive all-in service producing fully compliant print ready compliant artwork. Graphic design services can be added if few last minute changes are needed.

Full audit with Technical Corrections + Designer Guidance: A comprehensive full audit service producing a detailed guidance report for your designer to help achieve product compliant print ready artwork files with references with a sign off by us.

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International label conversion

International Label Conversion to ensure your labels are compliant in NEW regions, countries & markets.

If you are thinking of exporting and selling into new regions there are many considerations beyond just languanges. Compliance regulations differ around the world, and it is critical to apply these correctly to packaging to avoid isues in international markets.

At Divine Label Compliance, we understand how this affects label compliance and can help you get it right.

Regions covered (including)

  • USA / North America
  • South America
  • UK and EU
  • South East Asia / Australia
  • Africa

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ONLY Divine Label Compliance delivers ALL THREE

A label is not compliant unless it can satisfy all three

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