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At Aroma INC they specialise in developing and incorporating natural, sweet flavours and extracts in a wide variety of products such as alcoholic beverages, sports nutrition, bakery products, confectionery, dairy products, sauces, dressings, and functional food. They also have options to mask the tastes that are not wanted in your product.

At Aroma INC they have a passion for product and flavour development, they love the challenges and infinite possibilities there are in this.

With more than 25 years of experience in developing custom made flavours, their main goal is to develop and create new, innovative flavours that will be at the heart of your product!

Esther Keepe & Özgür Aridasir


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Services of Aroma INC


Flavour development & consultancy/Product development

We can help you to find the unique flavour and product you are looking for.

We offer natural flavours, natural extracts or nature identical flavours. We develop these products and always keep in mind what the end product is that we are aiming for. Every product contains different ingredients that all have an influence of taste, mouthfeel and perception. This is why we work on your product base including the ingredients you need for nutritional value. It is then that we can create the perfect flavour.

What should my product look like? We can help you to create your product.  The flavour possibilities are endless. A flavour is an ingredient in food that creates smell and taste to your product. The heart of your product. It is a really important part of your product. Some flavours can also mask off notes of ingredients. In the pharmaceutical industry or in functional food we use this a lot.

Aroma INC can also help with improving the taste of your product or one of its ingredients. Aroma INC also offers support with the production process and has a lot of contact with various production companies.

Aroma INC has also developed a special range of flavours to be sold online, for you to use in a wide variety of applications. Find the portfolio here.

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Rent the Aroma INC lab for development with flavourist support

Develop your own flavour in the Aroma INC fully equipped lab.

Use Aroma INC’s flavourists expertise to exactly match the needs of your product!
Do you want to develop your Flavour in our fully equipped lab together with Aroma INC? Work directly with the Aroma INC Flavourists to come up with the Flavour you need for your product.

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