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Wollenhaupt Vanille

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Wollenhaupt Vanille GmbH is one of Europe’s leading importers of vanilla beans since more than 140 years. Purchasing direct from source and producing all value-added vanilla products in-house on own machinery is how we offer excellent competitiveness in the vanilla market. Your brand protection is guaranteed by our quality assurance. Long-term and sustainable partnership with a 140 years specialist, family-owned and independent company is your key to success. Our tailor-made product solutions provide you with the products you need for your clients. We buffer for you the volatility and high risks of the current vanilla market by keeping stock positions and offering strategic buying advice.

Discover natural vanilla beans and liquid vanilla ingredients such as extracts, flavors, pastes and preparations as top solutions to flavor your food and drink products!



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The Natural Vanilla Flavour is

The Natural Vanilla Flavour is

The Natural Vanilla Flavour is

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Our vanilla 10-fold vanilla

Our vanilla 1-fold vanilla

Our vanilla 1-fold Tahitensis

The Baccha Nera Vanilla Paste

The Bomba Vaniglia Vanilla

Our high quality Indonesian

Gourmet crystallized Vanilla

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