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Vegan Stock





We believe that the future is plant-based.
Vegan Stock was founded in 2018 to support European Manufacturers and Wholesalers with unique, plant-based ingredients.

We offer professional support for:
• Producers of dairy and meat alternatives
• Confectionery Producers
• Bakeries
• HoReCa

We stay up to date with industry trends, delivering innovative, legislation-compliant products and services, supporting your Projects from the development to the launch.

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Organic UHT Coconut Cream, 24%

Organic Gluten Free Oat Drink

Organic Rice Milk Powder is a

Roasted Hazelnut Milk Base has

Raw Hemp Milk Base has light

Roasted Blanched Almond Milk

Raw Cashew Milk Base is easily

Vegan Coconut Milk Powder,

Organic Vegan Coconut Milk

UHT Coconut Cream, 24% fat,