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Worldwide Specialists in Natural Citrus Aromas
Delsa is a family business with more than 25 years in the food flavours industry. Their broad experience in researching and developing flavours makes them the best provider of quality flavours. Delsa started as the citrus specialist with direct access to the farmers and local producers of lemons, orange, Seville bitter orange, grapefruit, and clementine’s from Spain. Being close to the source means they can reduce costs and work closely with the farmers to maintain and improve quality. Delsa use their broad experience in the citrus flavour segment to grow within the natural flavour industry. They were able to develop a wide range of natural and artificial sweet and savoury flavours. Their flavours are suitable for a variety of applications and industries such as confectionery, bakery, soups, and sauces. Their flavours also come in different forms such as liquid, powder, water, and oil-soluble. Delsa is dedicated to helping customers find the perfect flavour for their needs and applications and are committed to providing high-quality products.

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Natural Truffle flavour.

Sabor Curry Natural Delsa.

Natural Harissa flavour.

Delsa Speculoos Natural

Delsa Natural Vermouth

Delsa Natural Anchovy Flavour.

Delsa Natural nougat flavour.

Delsa Natural Bull’s Tail

Delsa Natural Chorizo flavour.

Delsa Natural Gorgonzola

Delsa Natural Sangria flavour.

Natural Manchego cheese

Natural Mojo Picon Water