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Sustainable natural ingredients, traceable to the source.

A sustainabile food supply chain is no longer optional

Solidaridad helps smallholder farmers and SME suppliers to sell directly to local and international markets. They specialise in organising transparent and sustainable supply chains. These supply chains create good livelihoods for farmers, great ingredients for brands, and excellent end products for consumers. Solidaridad has five different products: Ashwagandha powder, Lemongrass Oil, Mint Oil, Turmeric Powder, and Soy Powder.

Product portfolio

Ashwagandha Powder
M/s. Bharadwaj Ayurveda

Natural Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha Powder which is produced with no added preservatives. Produced using good acgricultural practcies by small holder farms.

Mint Oil
Ken Aromatic

Mint oil

100% natural and pure Mint oil is 100 percent from Mint grown using sustainable practices. It is free of toxins, unfiltered and undiluted with any fillers.

Turmeric Powder

Agadyati Herbs and Food

Turmeric powder

100% natural Turmeric powder with no added ingredients. Produced from sustainably grown Turmeric.

Soy Milk

Bio Nutrients

Spray dried soy powder

Bio Nutrients SUPERFIT Spray Dried Soy Milk Powder is prepared using the NoN-GMO soybean. Rich in protein SUPERFIT, no cholesterol, Gluten and Lactose free.