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“Our products are for those who care about their health as much as the well-being of our planet. Those who are looking for alternative sources of protein that are produced in a resource-conserving way have come to the right place.”
“Good for you and our planet” – This idea is central to us at Alver. We want to appeal to people from young to old who are also committed to responsible consumption. Our diverse product range, from high protein pasta with Golden Chlorella and mung bean protein powder to granola, have one element in common: all Alver products are natural and have no additives. We stand for a resource-conserving development of food for the entire world population and the future of our planet. Our goal is to rethink non-animal proteins as food. Alver stands for a sustainable and nutritious diet that is fun and for everyone. Our goal is to improve the

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High Protein Penne – just

Alver Golden Pea Mix 1-2-GP is

High Protein Fusilli – just

Alver Almond/Fig Bar 1-2-AFRB

Alver Golden Chlorella® is of

Alver Golden Immunity N60

Alver Golden Mobility N60

Alver Golden Bean is a mix of