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1-2-Taste presents three novel concepts for food products that you can develop with the ingredients from 1-2-Taste. The Pineapple Tepache, Oat Drink and Pea Yoghurt are developed by 1-2 Taste product development partner neonwhale with ingredients from 1-2-Taste suppliers. 

Let these 1-2-Tester Concepts inspire you to develop with the ingredients and service partners on 1-2-Taste.

inspiration sheet pineapple drink

 1-2-Tester: Pineapple Tepache

Fermented Refreshment! This pineapple tepache is a refreshing and delicious lightly fermented Mexican drink. Tepache is not something very popular in Europe yet and still a niche product. In Mexico, you will find Tepache being served by many street vendors in different tropical fruit flavours.

Tepache sends Kombucha backward!

Quick Processing  |  Highly Nutritional  |  Healthy Gut  |  Flavourful Delight

inspiration sheet oat drink

1-2-Tester: Oat Drink

Plant-Based Goodness! This Oat Drink is a protein and fiber rich healthy drink. It tastes like creamy oat milk without the addition of sugar and preservatives. A healthy food product and suitable for your vegan diet. The oat drink is processed under UHT method to ensure the quality of the drink during shelf life.  

Oat Drink Loaded with Nutritional Value!

Plant-based  |  Protein-rich  |  Dietary Drink  |  Sugar-free

inspiration sheet yoghurt

1-2-Tester: Pea Yoghurt

Delicious Non-Dairy!  This Pea yoghurt is made of a unique plant-based protein structure. Pea protein is a non-dairy alternative base for pea yoghurt. This product is packed with probiotics, which help the digestion. This yoghurt has a mild taste but of course a variety of fruit flavours can be added.

Pea Yoghurt for your protein-rich diet!

Plant-based protein  |  Probiotic-rich  |  Creamy taste |  Vegan diet

Featured ingredients for the 1-2-Tester products

Food product development consultant neonwhale uses a variety of top-quality ingredients from the 1-2-Taste platform to develop the Pineapple Tepache Drink, Oat Drink and Pea Yoghurt. Below, you can find which fruit concentrate, soluble fiber and flavours were selected for these products!

This natural orange flavour used in the pineapple tepache drink is well known for its fleshy and ripe orange profile. This flavour can be used in a wide range of beverage products.

I.T.S offers a 100% Natural Cinnamon flavour without E-number, characterised by a sweet and toasted cinnamon flavour that will provide a pleasant cinnamon profile to the pineapple tepache drink.

FiberSMART Soluble Tapioca Fiber Powder is a KETO friendly, clean label, Non-GMO project verified and FDA approved dietary fiber, has a fiber content of over 90%.

1-2-Tester Concepts Developed by neonwhale

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