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Milling & Granulating

Milling and granulating are key processes in food contract manufacturing that involve the reduction of raw materials into smaller particles or granules. This process improves the mixing, handling, and packaging of food products. By using specialized milling and granulating equipment, contract manufacturers can achieve precise particle size and shape, which ensures the quality and consistency of the final product.

Power blending

Power blending is an essential process used in food contract manufacturing to homogenize raw materials and ensure consistent quality. This process involves blending the raw materials using specialized equipment such as ribbon blenders, paddle mixers, or high-shear mixers. Power blending is critical in producing high-quality food products such as nutritional supplements, protein powders, and powdered mixes.

Powder sieving

Powder sieving is a critical process used in food contract manufacturing to ensure the quality and consistency of powdered products. The process involves passing the powdered materials through a series of screens with different sized openings, separating the particles based on their size. Powder sieving is essential in producing high-quality food products such as nutritional supplements, spices, and powdered mixes.


Repacking is a process used in food contract manufacturing to transfer bulk products into smaller packaging units. This process is critical for maintaining product integrity, protecting against contamination, and improving product shelf-life. Repacking is commonly used for products such as spices, powders, and snack foods. The process involves automated or manual filling, weighing, and sealing of the smaller packaging units.

Our partners

Our partners as experts in food contract manufacturing have the expertise to handle projects from concept to first delivery, providing a range of services including recipe formulation, process design, and factory implementation. They prioritize fast time-to-market and work closely with clients to ensure their needs are met and their expectations exceeded.

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