Agilery – Complete Product Implementation

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Turn your idea or prototype into commercial-ready products, reducing costs and lead time.

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Agilery – Complete Product Implementation

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Turn your idea or prototype into commercial-ready products, reducing costs and lead time

The right package for you if:

  • You are new in the food industry, but still want to launch your own product
  • You are in the food industry, but don’t have the right resources or time to handle a new product launch
  • You need a fast launch that you cannot manage by yourself
  • You want to have a finished product to showcase your specific ingredient or processing

You don’t need to have experience in the food business to launch your product. We can take care of it, supporting you through each stage without compromising on transparency and ownership. 

We move forward step by step, starting with a mapping to find the best options to produce according to your expectations. We then take care of scaling up your recipes, keeping their USP intact, and delivering the first product batch. We handle everything that is needed to reach this point: recipe and process scale-up, quality assurance, labeling compliance, logistics, etc. Basically, everything needed to ensure that your first batch is ready to be a commercial success. 

We finally hand over to you the newly created setup for your following productions. If you still need support, we are glad to stay on your side on the long run: see our Outsourced Operations Management offering.

We love small-scale projects – we know that innovation require flexibility. That’s why we work without MOQ and strive at finding the partners that match your specific requirements. We do this by decoupling the required supply and production steps: if one co-manufacturer cannot fulfil all your needs, we will plug several together to create a tailor-made production setup. 

During all our projects, we guarantee full transparency, strong IP protection clauses, confidentiality, and no hidden terms. We pride ourselves with a lean, fast and pragmatic approach while maintaining very high-quality standards.

Working with Agilery will allow you to launch your product much faster and avoid falling into common pitfalls, thus massively reducing your costs

Don’t spend 2 years on your launch, we can make it work in 6 months!


  • Detailed selection of co-manufacturers and suppliers matching your needs
  • Quotations, scale-up and quality assurance
  • Delivery of first commercial-ready product batch
  • Reporting and handover of tailored production setup