Agilery – Contract Manufacturing Search & Evaluation

Find the best-in-class manufacturer and suppliers for your product in Europe.

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Agilery – Contract Manufacturing Search & Evaluation

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Find the best-in-class manufacturer and suppliers for your product in Europe

The right package for you if:

  • You struggle to identify the right partners, not getting answers or never finding a good fit
  • All the co-manufacturers you know require huge volumes 
  • You don’t even know where to start looking for a co-manufacturer in Europe
  • You need to find a new co-manufacturer for your current operations
  • You want to launch a new product that does not fit your current manufacturing setup

With close to 300’000 food and beverage processing companies in Europe and without a central database, it is very tough to find the best partners. Agilery acts as this central database to find out who are the best producers for your product, with a detailed evaluation to select the right options for your specific needs. 

In parallel, we can also identify the suppliers and any other partner you need, such as for your logistics or quality, in order to have everything ready for your new product launch.

Most of our projects start like this. We leverage our extensive, constantly growing database of manufacturers and suppliers, to which we add ad-hoc searches for the specifics of your project. We know that innovation requires flexibility, and that’s why we are focused on small-scale to mid-scale contract manufacturers.

As part of this package, we contact each manufacturer to report on their most up-to-date status, perform a detailed evaluation of their capabilities, and confirm that they are ready to work with you. 

In addition, we will try to get manufacturing cost estimations even before trial productions so that you have all the cards in your hands before moving forward.

Working with Agilery will allow you to access hidden pearls, small-scale facilities that are sometimes new to co-manufacturing, get full feasibility on your options and not just settle on one choice, but the best one


  • Validated short list of contract manufacturers for your product
  • Selection of ingredient & packaging suppliers
  • Cost evaluation (if possible)
  • Detailed recommendations and reporting