Agilery – Manufacturing Operations Management

One-stop flexible continuous support to manage ongoing operations.

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Agilery – Manufacturing Operations Management

Supplied by: Agilery
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One-stop flexible continuous support to manage ongoing operations

The right package for you if:

  • We helped you launch a new product, and you don’t have the time or knowledge to manage the next productions
  • You have a tight budget and can’t afford to hire someone, or want to keep a high level of flexibility
  • You managed everything until now, but would prefer to focus on your sales or other value-added topics
  • Your business grew and it became increasingly difficult to handle the complexity 

Managing co-manufacturing operations is not a simple task. Juggling between suppliers, deliveries, timelines, quality and troubleshooting barely leaves time for anything else. Hiring an operations manager is risky: not only will you add someone to the payroll, but you will rely on the skills of just one person. 

We offer an alternative: a flexible, one-stop support tailored to your needs. Through a single contact point, our team of experts can cover everything you need to ensure stable production operations. Sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, quality, and cost reductions are our daily tasks. 

From just a few productions per year to daily deliveries, we adapt to the workload required to be there when you need us, without being a heavy charge on your finances. We are agile and grow with you, optimizing costs, adding new products to your portfolio, changing suppliers or manufacturers. We work as part of your team, guaranteeing you the same level of control and transparency. 

Trust us with the management of your supply chain, while you grow your business without losing time on solving operational issues


Tailored support according to your priorities, such as:

  • Organisation of regular production runs, from sourcing to co-manufacturer’s management
  • Continuous cost optimisation
  • New product introductions
  • Regular reporting
  • … and more!