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Unlocking the potential of coffee pulp

Unlocking the potential of coffee pulp biomass for the Food & Beverage industry

For each kg of coffee beans we consume, one kg of coffee pulp side stream is discarded, ending up landfilled or burned, as its nutritional value is considered low.

PectCof upcycles this side-stream, the coffee pulp, with a proprietary extraction process into functional food ingredients for the Food & Beverage industry.

The extracts are used as stabilizer, texturizer, and emulsifier and are offered under the brand DutchGum®, a novel plant based, natural, clean-label functional ingredient family.
This is a major step forward for the Food & Beverage industry that faces shortage of natural functional food ingredients to match the increasing demand, driven by factors as growing population worldwide, higher demand for processed food, and consumers request for natural ingredients. In addition to this, PectCof’s Dutch Gum limits the Food & Beverage industry dependency on sourcing countries that are affected by political sanctions, climate change and scarcity of manual labor.

DutchGum® offers a clean label solution to make your food and beverages more enjoyable and extending the product shelf life, by using an abundantly available side stream.

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