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Helps make high quality oils in the essence of nature!

DUTCH ESSENTIALS is the result of a collaboration between a Portuguese Eucalyptus plantation and a Dutch specialist in extraction and purification. Dutch Essentials is dedicated to taking important active ingredients from the Eucalyptus tree and turning them into high-quality products. Sustainability is “Essential” for the company!

The company uses cutting-edge technology within the industrial production processes. The use of automated tools with advanced monitoring and control of the systems allows the constant and exact quality of the entire transformation process at any stage. This results in complete control of any part of the production process, which allows all of the products to meet the high-quality standards that customers demand. Dutch Essentials strive to promote sustainable practices, from the farmer’s land to its extraction and transforming facilities.

High-quality natural eucalyptus oils

– Made by Dutch Essentials –

Excellent stability and solubility

Pure natural oil products

Safe technology & sustainability

Friendly image & cost saving

Product portfolio

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DUTCH ESSENTIALS, in line with consumer and investor demands, examine their supply chains and the impact that they have on the environment. Consumers increasingly demand European sourced products, including clean sustainable Eucalyptus Oil, in their brands and products. Investors increasingly pressure companies to pursue ambitious environmental, social, and corporate governance targets.

DUTCH ESSENTIALS sources the raw material for its oil from pesticide and chemical-free plantations. Dutch Essentials harvests the leaves only. This forms part of the maturation process towards healthy plantations and with no need to ever fell the trees. These good practices create the foundation of the Dutch Essentials company’s culture and values.

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