Nutracevit is a family owned company that started in 2015. We are both growers and processors of organic certified Haskap berry (Lonicera caerulea) cooperating with other orchards of the total area of 100 ha under our supervision in Poland.  We grow haskap in organic way, as we believe that such a treasure can only be grown in a natural way, without any chemical agents. We manage the whole chain from the field to the final product with full transparency to deliver the best quality products.

Our offer: IQF haskap berry, powder and more to come.



Haskap comes from Ainu people language – hasukapu, that lived in the Northern Hemisphere. Thanks to long history of this super fruit consumption in Japan haskap has been approved on EU market in 2018.

With its sweet & sour taste, gives you not only unique fruity flavor but also potential health benefits described in Journal of Functional Food (abstract available here).

It is packed with antioxidants, especially anthocyanins (predominant cyanidyno3-glucoside C3G), chlorogenic acid, catechins, quercetine. It also contains iridoids rarely present in fruits. We cooperate with Food Faculty scientists to maximize their content in the final product during processing.




Best New Product Award BIOFACH 2019 in drinks category for BIOHASKAP® Vitality organic haskap super berry juice

Discovery 2020 Clients Laurel in Polish National competition for BIOHASKAP® brand as being new, innovative and functioning on the market for a relatively short time, but already gaining the hearts of customers. Read more: click here 

Special Mention in the Micro entrepreneur of the Year 2019 Competition funded by Family Business Initiative Association in Poland