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Since 1948, Karow Aromen has been developing flavours and colourings in natural and clean-label quality for the luxury artisan baker, pastry chef, chocolatier and ice cream makers as well as the confectionery industry. With Natural Flavour Company I represent them.

Karow-guarantee 100% natural raw materials

With Karow’s clean label products, you can be absolutely sure that these items have been produced without preservatives, without colours and only with flavourings that contain at least 95% of the named raw material. The remaining <5% are from natural raw materials. These products are real clean label.

Minimum of additives, maximum food safety!

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Why are Karow’s clean label products so special?

Karow’s clean label products are free from:

• Hydrogenated fats material
• Chemical synthetic emulsifiers
• Chemically modified starches or flours

• Colours, preservatives and flavour enhancers
• Acidity regulators – except the salt of citric acid and calcium citrate
• Raw materials from genetically modified seeds

My mission is to replace synthetic flavour and colourings with natural ones.

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