Natural Flavour Company – Strawberry Paste (Premium Clean Label) – 10304

A viscous, dark red paste with pieces of fruit with a high proportion of strawberry juice concentrate and strawberries (50 % fruit content), with natural strawberry extract

Natural ingredients in line with clean label products!

Remains stable when frozen

Without the addition of dyes and preservatives or other additives

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    Natural Flavour Company – Strawberry Paste (Premium Clean Label) – 10304


    A finely ground, natural strawberry fruit paste for making high-quality confectionery products such as mousses, gateaux, cream cakes, ice cream, desserts and filling mixtures for gateaux, cake slices or pastries. Highly recommended for preparing milk shakes.

    It provides the typical taste of fresh strawberries with a ripe flavour.

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    54KG in 1,5KG CANS

    Application Area

    Beverage – Brewery, Cereals & cereal bars, Confectionery, Dairy – Ice Cream & Desserts, Sweet baked goods, Fruits & Vegetables (incl. processed)

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    Dietary Suitability

    , , ,

    Shelf Life

    10 Months

    DG Classification

    NON DG

    Storage Conditions

    Cool, dark and dry storage in original sealed packaging.

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