1-2-test Our New Health Boosters?

Test Two Oat Drink Concepts made with Ingredients from 1-2-Taste

The options with 1-2-Taste’s ingredients for healthy drinks are vast and still growing. Together with our beverage development partner, PREfresco, we have developed two 1-2-Tester Oat Drinks. Both drinks are dairy-free and vegan! 

The 1-2-Tester Oat Drink, Fibre Boost, is a non-dairy fibre alternative for smoothies and drinking yoghurts. If fibre is not your focus, try our 1-2-Tester Banana-Baobab Oat Drink!

1-2-Taste is proud to bring you a range of concept products. The 1-2-Testers showcase what delicious end products you can develop with ingredients from 1-2-Taste.

1-2-Tester: Oat Drink – Fibre Boost 

The 1-2-Tester Fibre Boost Oat Drink is a non-dairy alternative to smoothies and drinking yoghurts containing Tapioca fibre. Try out this 1-2-Tester with a fantastic mouthfeel!

Availability per batch is limited, so order quickly to secure your 1-2-Tester Oat Drink Fibre Boost bottle(s)!

1-2-Tester: Oat Drink – Banana-Baobab

1-2-Go tropical with a non-dairy alternative to smoothies and drinking yoghurts? Try out our 1-2-Tester Oat Drink, Banana-Baobab.

Availability per batch produced is limited, so order quickly to secure your 1-2-Tester: Oat Drink – Banana-Baobab bottle(s)!


Our beverage development consultant PREfresco uses a variety of top-quality ingredients from the 1-2-Taste platform to create these oat drinks. Below, you can find which ingredients were used to create these healthy, non-dairy drinks!

This mango puree blend is a fully natural and very fresh puree with mango’s sweet, characteristic taste. This puree is made from pressed mango, without any sugar added.

This baobab powder has a pleasantly sweet and sour taste and works as a replacement for pectin. Its mineral composition helps the isotonic capabilities of this drink.

Natural banana flavour, characterised by a ripe banana profile.

This Beta Carotene Extract (Clear) is a great, natural way of colouring your food and beverages, and it has many other food applications, too!

FiberSMART Soluble Tapioca Fiber Syrup is a KETO friendly, clean label dietary fibre, which is Non-GMO project verified, and FDA-approved. It has a high fibre content.

A natural mango flavouring from organic agriculture with the ripe, tropical, fruity, and full flavour of mangoes. You can use it in drinks, dairy products, and many other areas.

Meet the 1-2-Testers: Concepts to Inspire.


1-2-Taste brings you a range of concept products. The 1-2-Testers showcase what end products you can develop with ingredients on 1-2-Taste. Now, you can try beverage concepts developed by 1-2-Taste beverage development partner PREfresco.

Besides the two Oat Drink concepts featured here, you can test a Rhubarb Hard Seltzer concept.

Try these 1-2-Tester Concepts and get inspired by what you can develop working with the ingredients and service partners on 1-2-Taste.


PREfresco Beverage Lab is your one-stop shop for the development and production of your innovative (soft) beverage concepts.

Food technologist, Peter Roepers, has more than 25 years of experience with large international companies such as Refresco (bottling), Cargill (flavours and fruit juice compounds), and Celanese (sweeteners and preservation technology). With this experience, he founded PREfresco Beverage Lab to share his knowledge and expertise with innovators:

“I believe in a new way of producing where, in addition to the established brands, space is created for innovative players with more focus on local products and suppliers. PREfresco Beverage Lab was founded to give them faster and easier access to the market.”