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1-2-Tester – Rhubarb Hard Seltzer

1-2-test our Refreshing Rhubarb Hard Seltzer?

Developed with prefresco 2

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Hard seltzers drive a significant trend in alcoholic drinks in Europe this year. In the USA, their success is mainly due to being lighter and healthier than beer and wine.

Does the Hard Seltzer Trend Spike Your Interest?
1-2-Taste brings you a range of concept products.1-2-Testers showcase what end products you can develop with ingredients on 1-2-Taste. First off: a Rhubarb Hard Seltzer with ingredients from 1-2-Taste suppliers and developed by 1-2-Taste beverage development partner PREfresco.

Try this 1-2-Tester Rhubarb Hard Seltzer and get inspired by what you can develop working with the ingredients and service partners on 1-2-Taste.

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Featured ingredients for the rhubarb hard seltzer

Beverage development consultant PREfresco uses a variety of top-quality ingredients from the 1-2-Taste platform to create this Rhubarb Hard Seltzer. Below, you can find which natural food colours and flavours we selected for this sparkling drink!

Stringer Flavours Flavouring

BColors Berry-Red is a natural

This natural liquid flavouring is used in the Hard Seltzer for its characteristic sweet yet tart, stewed rhubarb flavour. It is a concentrated liquid with a versatile taste. You can use it for flavoured drinks and other food products.

BColors (from Bombasei Decor) Berry red natural food colouring is made of 100% fruit, vegetables, and edible plants for natural and intensive colouring of food and beverages, without E-numbers! This deep-red, natural food colouring liquid is used to deepen the colour of our Hard Seltzer.

1-2-Tester Rhubarb hard seltzer concept developed by PREfresco

PREfresco Beverage Lab is your one-stop shop for the development and production of your innovative (soft) beverage concepts.

Food technologist, Peter Roepers, has more than 25 years of experience with large international companies such as Refresco (bottling), Cargill (flavours and fruit juice compounds), and Celanese (sweeteners and preservation technology). With this experience, he founded PREfresco Beverage Lab to share his knowledge and expertise with innovators.

“I believe in a new way of producing where, in addition to the established brands, space is created for innovative players with more focus on local products and suppliers. PREfresco Beverage Lab was founded to give them faster and easier access to the market.”

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