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Peter Roepers

– Managing Director & Founder-

Prefresco Beverage Lab


PREfresco Beverage Lab is your one-stop shop for the development and production of your innovative (soft) beverage concepts.

Food technologist, Peter Roepers, has more than 25 years of experience with large international companies such as Refresco (bottling), Cargill (flavours and fruit juice compounds), and Celanese (sweeteners and preservation technology). With this experience, he founded PREfresco Beverage Lab to share his knowledge and expertise with innovators.

“I believe in a new way of producing where, in addition to the established brands, space is created for innovative players with more focus on local products and suppliers. PREfresco Beverage Lab was founded to give them faster and easier access to the market.”


Whether you are on a conquest of the world market or the roll-out of a small exclusive brand, you’ll need more than just a good idea. You always have to deal with the different facets of product and process development.

PREfresco Beverage Lab helps you solve these issues. From raw material to end product via one counter. In any desired batch size.


PREfresco Beverage Lab ensures that the technology seamlessly matches your product’s specs, helping you achieve the results you envisioned. A trial production can immediately take place in our pilot plant so that you have access to your new product in no time.


PREfresco helps you develop and improve your recipes and can advise you on microbiological and technological challenges. We can also set up on-site NPD labs in Europe, design and commission complete production lines, calculate nutritional values, and interpret food laws and regulations.

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