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Podcast #3: Beverage – Latest Beverage Industry Trends

The beverage and brewing industry is facing a lot of new demands from consumers: from premium products and ‘hot’ new flavours, to healthier or eco-friendly options. How can a small or medium-size company be competitive in such a challenging environment? That’s the question we discuss with 5 industry suppliers. They spill the tea on how ingredient suppliers are supporting beverage and brewery producers in their product development journey.



Jasper Schouten
Co-Founder & CEO of 1-2 Taste


Arjen van der Wijk e1680512499931Arjen Van den Wijk
Co-Founder of Cibus Nexum

Xavier PapasseitXavier Papasseit
European Sales Manager at ITS

Ross headshot Oct2020 1024x768 1600x e1680512409576Ross Norris
General Manager of Australian Native Products

Peter RoepersPeter Roepers
Senior Food Technologist at PREfresco Beverage lab

Hassan Jamil e1680512536432Hassan Jamil
Strategic Business Manager at Dole

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