1-2-Tester: Oat Drink – Banana-Baobab

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1-2-Go tropical with a non-dairy alternative to smoothies and drink yogurts? Try out our 1-2-Tester: Oat Drink – Banana-Baobab.

Availability per batch produced is limited, so order quickly to secure your 1-2-Tester: Oat Drink – Banana-Baobab bottle(s)! Order before June 29th – production starts shortly after.

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1-2-Tester: Oat Drink – Banana-Baobab

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The options with 1-2-Taste ingredients for healthy drinks are huge and still growing. Together with our Beverage development partner PREfresco we developed two examples. Both oat-based, dairy-free and vegan! 

The 1-2-Tester Oat Drink – Banana-Baobab is a tropical non-dairy alternative to smoothies and drink yogurts. Try our Oat Drink – Banana-Baobab (bottle of 275ml) creation and get inspired!

Find ingredients for it? 1-2-Taste developed this drink with beverage development partner PREfresco using ingredients from different suppliers from the 1-2-Taste platform.

Recipes will be shared with the ordered bottles. And of course we can work with you to add your personal twist and signature for your winning brand.  1-2-Taste is offering many more ingredients for your drink – and use PREfresco’s expertise for development. Download our inspiration sheet here. 

The main ingredients of our Oat Drink – Banana-Baobab:

  • Organic Baobab Powder
  • Oat
  • Natural Banana Flavouring
  • Beta Carotene Extract
  • Water