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Plant-Ex Ingredients is an international company that specialises in the manufacture of Natural Food Ingredient Solutions, supplying across the globe either directly through its facilities or through a number of selected distribution partners.

Plant-Ex offers a portfolio of Natural Colours, Flavours, and Natural Extracts for the food and beverage industries. The main reasons for Plant-Ex’s success are that they are family-owned, flexible, professional, provide great service, and have technical expertise.

Independent production sites for liquid and powder processing allow them to have teams specialising in delivering high-quality products, so they can further develop their expertise. In-house spray drying capabilities, from the laboratory through to bulk production, mean that IP is protected and high-quality can be maintained throughout batches.

Plant-Ex Ingredients was founded in 2010 and now has a team of more than seventy people, with production sites in both the UK and Turkey, with ambitious plans for their second decade. With raw material partners around the world and an enthusiastic development team, Plant-Ex is quickly becoming a global choice in Colour and Taste.



Plant-Ex specialises in Natural Extracts. Based on selected base ingredients and various extraction methods, they make high-quality natural extracts for use as colour and taste ingredients in food end-products in many application areas..


Plant-Ex’s Natural Food Colours are extracted from natural ingredients. Explore the variety of Plant-Ex colours for a wide range of application areas. Many food colours are non-declarable on the end product’s ingredients list. There are no e-numbers, only natural extracts.


Plant-Ex creates Natural Flavours from Natural Extracts. The ingredients are processed carefully to make high-quality extracts for use in food end-products in many application areas.

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