We are all about creating great healthy taste.

Did you know, that the mushroom is a real super food? Scelta Inside builds on their extensive knowledge of the white button mushroom.

Scelta Inside are supporting the global food industry by supplying customers with an innovative range of natural, functional ingredients that contribute to health and a good taste. Natural umami solutions.

It is only since 2002 that literature has proven the existence of the umami receptor in the taste buds on our tongue. Each taste bud has specific receptors for the basic tastes: sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and umami. These taste buds exist everywhere on our tongue. Scelta Umami Solutions deepens and completes flavours, balances other savoury flavours, gives a full-bodied taste, enhance salivation when eating, and can be used to balance taste while reducing sodium, sugar and/or spices.

The unique combination of natural glutamate and ribonucleotides: inosinate (IMP) and guanylate (GMP) in mushrooms create an umami synergy 8 times higher than MSG.


Scelta Inside’s product offering is on-trend and growing: Natural, clean label, MSG replacement, salt reduction, bitter or sour masking, product re-engineering; all of Scelta’s products answer to growing customer R&D and NPD needs. Scelta derives its products from a 100% natural and sustainable source: mushrooms. They solely re-use side streams of mushroom productions to create natural flavourings and umami products.


Scelta’s white button mushroom flavouring products are developed to give your dish an intense well-balanced mushroom taste and aroma. Scelta’s base is the white button mushroom, which is cooked and concentrated to intensify its meaty and earthy flavour. The combination of the natural mushroom flavour with naturally occurring umami gives depth and enriches the taste. It creates that distinctive, full flavour everyone loves.


Scelta’s Taste Accelerator range is developed to modify or increase the intensity of the perceived taste in your application with no taste of its own. Scelta’s STA range is 100% made from umami rich vegetables. Our base are mushrooms which are rich in glutamate and the ribonucleotides: inosinate and guanylate. Combined these give an umami synergy and function as a strong natural taste enhancer.

Depending on the type of application Scelta has different accelerators.


  • Balancing the taste of your application 
  • Deepens, enriches and gives a long lasting taste
  • Natural alternative to MSG/I+G/AYE
  • Perfect way of reducing sodium content.  
  • Mask bitter / metallic tastes
  • Clean label solution


The Scelta Umami Solutions product line plays with taste enhancement in culinary applications combined with a functional performance. Based on the umami synergy, if balances, masks and enhances certain taste profiles. Umami CuliFlow ™ is the first product in our Umami solutions line. This product combines the benefits of our Scelta Taste Accelerator (STA) with great free flowing characteristics and a well balanced savory, natural aroma. This combination creates a great, easy to dose, taste building block for many light colored and creamy applications

We are all about creating great healthy taste.