We believe that food can be delicious and healthier at the same time

Today, consumers are increasingly aware of what they eat and how it affects their health. There an increasing demand for foods that are free from MSG and high levels of salt. This drives the need for cleaner and clearer labels. Our range of natural, plant-based taste enhancers are a healthy solution to your growing customer and NPD needs. Derived from mushrooms and only mushrooms – they’re 100% natural. We a sustainable company using side streams of mushroom cultivation to create our natural flavourings and umami taste enhancing products. Perfectly for salt and sugar reduction, bitter masking and creating a longer lasting taste.

Scelta Inside products are divided in three product lines:
the Scelta Mushroom Flavours, Scelta’s Taste Accelerators and the Scelta Umami Solutions.



Scelta Mushroom Flavours can be added to applications to enhance the flavour of mushrooms. Products get a deeper, earthy and balanced mushroom flavour. Scelta Mushroom Flavours can be used in various applications such as creamy pasta’s, risotto, mushroom sauces and soups. The dosage of Scelta Mushroom Flavours depends on the application and on the other ingredients within the application. In soups and sauces the dosage is approximately 1.00% to 4.00%, for ready-made meals such as pastas or risottos it is 0.50-2.00% on the total weight of the product.


Scelta Taste Accelerators (STA) are natural taste enhancers based on the umami principle. They are developed to modify or increase the intensity of the perceived flavour in your application: the natural umami effect deepens, enriches masks bitter and metallic flavours and provides a long-lasting effect. STA is a natural, clean and clear labelling alternative to artificial flavour enhancers like MSG, I+G and yeast extracts. Furthermore STA is applied as a salt reduction tool. STA can be applied in a wide range of applications: from soups to sauces, meat to snacks, and from chocolate to brownies. The average amount of STA is 0,15-0,30% on the total weight of the product. This dosage really depends on the final composition of the ingredients in your applications.


Scelta Umami Solutions combines taste enhancement from natural umami with a functional performance. This functional performance may relate to colour, flavour, texture or a technical characteristic. It also lighters colour. In light and creamy applications STA can bring a little darker colour, with CuliFlow there will be no difference. It enhances the sweetness in vegetables such as carrots, corn and peas. The average dosage of CuliFlow is slightly higher compared to STA, the dosage is around 0.30% to 0.60% on the total weight of product.

Transforming tomorrow’s taste, together.