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Scelta believes that food can be delicious and healthy at the same time

Today, consumers are increasingly aware of what they eat and how it affects their health. There is an increasing demand for foods that are free from MSG and high levels of salt. This drives the need for cleaner and clearer labels. Scelta’s natural, plant-based taste enhancers are a healthy solution to your growing customer and NPD needs. Because they are only made from mushrooms they are 100% natural. Scelta is a sustainable company using mushroom cultivation to create natural flavourings and umami taste-enhancing products. Their products are perfect for salt and sugar reduction, hiding bitter tastes, and creating a longer-lasting flavour. 

All of Scelta Inside’s products are divided into three product lines:
the Scelta Mushroom Flavours, Scelta’s Taste Accelerators, and the Scelta Umami Solutions.



Scelta Taste Accelerators (STA) are natural taste enhancers based on the umami principle which increase sweetness and reduce bitterness. They are developed to change or increase the intensity of the flavour. This means that the natural umami effect deepens, while also masking bitter and metallic flavours. On top of this, they also provide a long-lasting taste. STA is a natural, clean and clear labelling alternative to artificial flavour enhancers like MSG, I+G, and yeast extracts. Furthermore, STA can be used to reduce the amount of salt. STA can be used in many dishes, from soups to sauces, meat to snacks, and from chocolate to brownies. The average amount of STA needed is 0,15-0,30% of the total weight of the product. This number depends on the final composition of the ingredients in your applications.

logo Scelta Inside

Transforming tomorrow’s taste, together.