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Specialists for organic Moringa, Baobab, and Hibiscus

Europe’s largest importer of organic Moringa from Africa

Hassle-free and convenient purchasing. All raw materials are thoroughly analysed and quality tested.

africrops! GmbH is a German supplier of fair-trade, sustainably produced plant products from Africa. africrops! is a specialist in the production and marketing of products from the moringa plant (moringa oleifera) from Tanzania, Uganda, Burkina Faso, and Malawi, serving both end-users as well as resellers and manufacturers.

africrops!’s quality Moringa products include moringa leaf powder, moringa flowers and leaves, and high-quality moringa oils. The products are alternatives to traditional nutritional supplements and can also be processed in raw and natural foods, green smoothies, and vegan and vegetarian products.

africrops! also produces baobab products, such as a powder that can be found in many applications for food end-products in a variety of industries.

africrops!’s philosophy is “trade instead of aid for sustainable development.” Integrating disadvantaged groups into the economic process and helping them to participate in market activities on an equal level is an important concern of africrops!. Implementing fair trade is vitally important. africrops! operates a pilot farm in Dar-es-Salaam (Tanzania) for moringa to be tested using new cultivation and processing methods with the cooperation of local partners. The know-how is then shared with other partners in the country. Moreover, africrops! engages in various developmental projects across Africa in cooperation with a number of partners, including governmental organisations, foundations, research institutions, and private companies. africrops! is currently active in 18 different African countries, developing organic value chains for both local and export markets

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africrops!’s product range consists of moringa, baobab, and hibiscus based ingredients. africrops! meet an ever-increasing demand for novel plant products for food production, food supplements, medicines, cosmetics, and animal feed. The sustainable use of renewable raw materials is vital for africrops!’s business.

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